AAS #216

Herschel in AAS#216

Miami, 23-27 May 2010


In the AAS#216 held in Miami 23-27 May 2010 there was both a Herschel Special Session organised by the NASA Herschel Project Scientist Paul Goldsmith, and an Invited Plenary Session featuring a talk by the Herschel Project Scientist Göran Pilbratt.

Herschel Special Session on 24 May 2010

Morning Session - Chair: William Latter

200.01 Overview of the Herschel Space Observatory - Paul Goldsmith
200.02 Early Distant Universe Results from Herschel - Jason Glenn
200.03 Spectroscopy of Galaxies in the Nearby Universe with Herschel - Philip N. Appleton
200.04 Herschel Observations of Galaxy Clusters: Gravitationally Lensed Galaxies and IR/Submm-Bright Cluster Members - Eiichi Egami

Afternoon Session - Chair: Göran Pilbratt

204.01 Herschel's First Views of Young Stars and Star-Forming Regions - Paul M. Harvey
204.02 Herschel and Interstellar Chemistry: First Results - Edwin Bergin
204.03 Herschel Views on Stellar and Circumstellar Evolution - Christoffel Waelkens
204.04 First Solar System Observations with Herschel - Paul Hartogh
204.05 Herschel Observer Support Overview - William B. Latter

Poster Session (incomplete)

413.10 HIPE, HIPE, Hooray - Stephan Ott

Herschel Plenary Presentation on 26 May 2010

111.01 The Cool Universe: Herschel's First Year in Flight - Göran Pilbratt