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PACS Data Products Overview

Spreadsheet of the relevant FITS keywords to identify the AOT of any PACS spectroscopy observation tarball of CSV + ReadMe; CSV of Metadata table; Excel of Metadata table; only ReadMe  (2017)

Ancillary Data Products

Highly-Processed Data Products

PACS Overview

instrument description

Observing Mode Release Notes

Performance and Calibration:

Calibration Overview Planning Documents

Calibration Framework

Photometer Calibration

Spectrometer Calibration:

Filter Curves:

Pointing Performance

PSF and beams:

Photometer beams:

Spectrometer beams:

Telescope Background

Bolometer Performance

Instrument Description

Focal Plane Geometry

Field of View

Radiation effects

PACS Data Processing



Data Processing Workshops and Webinar Resources

HSC Workshops

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