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Here you will find highly specialist technical General Observatory documentation for reference about the mission, its data and data products and its operation. Be aware that many of the documents here are for historical reference only and may now be obsolete: these documents are intended mainly for the use of mission experts.

For information about individual instruments, look at the dedicated instrument pages.

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Observatory Data Products Overview Documents

Spacecraft and Mission Overview Documents

Performance and Calibration Documents

Data Processing Documents

Data Products 

Herschel Science Archive (HSA)

Spacecraft and Mission Overview

Mission History

Spacecraft Activities and Events Log:

Orbit and Astrometry for the Herschel/PLANCK Constellation 

Listing of all published astrometry of the Herschel/Planck constellation

(DASO - Distant Artificial Satellite Observation - Circulars from the IAU's Minor Planet Center


Science and science management 

Science Ground Segment (SGS) 



William Herschel 

Spacecraft and systems (alphabetical order) 



Design & implementation

Helium Lifetime


Pre-launch Testing

SEU Records 


Space environment


Data processing

MOC reports and documents

Further MOC technical documentation