Herschel EXplanatory Legacy LIbrary


Herschel Explanatory Supplement Vol.I

Herschel Explanatory Supplement Vol.II

Herschel Explanatory Supplement Vol.III

Herschel Explanatory Supplement Vol.IV

Observatory Documentation

HIFI Documentation

PACS Documentation

SPIRE Documentation


Information for the spacecraft and its three instruments is organised in three levels:

  • Level 1 is the most basic and fundamental documentation to get a rapid overview. These are a relatively small number of documents to read.
  • Level 2 documentation gives more detail on individual topics. This documentation will provide more technical information when required to follow-up the top-level information.
  • Level 3 contains a large number of documents that are either highly technical, for specialist knowledge, or documents that are out or date, or now of historical interest only. It should be accepted that these documents are presented AS IS.

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