Herschel Observing Key Programmes


The Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for the Herschel Key Programmes (KP) was issued on 1 February 2007, with separate deadlines for guaranteed time (GT) and open time (OT) proposals. The whole Key Programme AO process has now been completed, by coincidence there is exactly the same number of KP GT and OT programmes, in both cases 21 programmes have been awarded observing time.

Taken together these 42 observing programmes contain 11650 AORs which form the current Reserved Observation List. The total allocated observing time for these programmes is 11257.7 hours, corresponding to approximately 57% of the nominally available Herschel routine mission science time. Some additional statistics are provided here.

Below you can find the list of accepted Guaranteed Time and Open Time Key Programmes sorted by Science Category. Click on the proposal ID's to access the text of the abstracts. These observations cannot be duplicated by future 'regular' programmes. If you want to check whether your planned observations are already covered by one or more existing AORs, you can easily do so by using the Herschel Reserved Observations Search Tool to find out.

Guaranteed Time Key Programmes

For the Guaranteed Time (GT) part of the Key Programme AO a total of 21 Key Programmes were proposed and accepted (with some modifications). The total allocated observing time for these observing programmes contains 6668 AORs and amounts to 5878.9 hours, or approximately 93% of all available GT.

Solar System (1)

"Water and Related Chemistry in the Solar System"
(PI: Paul Hartogh, 293.7 hours allocated)

ISM/Star formation (10)

"Evolution of interstellar dust"
(PI: Alain Abergel, 163.0 hours allocated)

"PRISMAS: PRobing InterStellar Molecules with Absorption line Studies"
(PI: Maryvonne Gerin, 128.0 hours allocated)

"The warm and dense ISM"
(PI: Volker Ossenkopf, 160.0 hours allocated)

"Probing the origin of the stellar initial mass function: A wide-field Herschel photometric survey of nearby star-forming cloud complexes"
(PI: Philippe André, 461.0 hours allocated)

"The earliest phases of star formation: From low- to high-mass objects"
(PI: Oliver Krause, 111.7 hours allocated)

"HIFI Spectral Surveys of Star Forming Regions"
(PI: Cecilia Ceccarelli, 281.0 hours allocated)

"Stellar Disk Evolution"
(PI: Göran Olofsson, 61.0 hours allocated)

"HOBYS: the Herschel imaging survey of OB Young Stellar objects"
(PI: Frédérique Motte, 126.0 hours allocated)

"HEXOS: Herschel Observations of EXtra-Ordinary Sources: The Orion and Sgr B2 Star-Forming Regions"
(PI: Edwin Bergin, 346.8 hours allocated)

"Water in Star-forming regions with Herschel (WISH)"
(PI: Ewine van Dishoeck, 499.0 hours allocated)

Stars (2)

"The circumstellar environment in post-main-sequence objects"
(PI: Martin Groenewegen, 330.0 hours allocated)

"HIFISTARS: The physical and chemical properties of circumstellar environments around evolved stars"
(PI: Valentín Bujarrabal, 214.6 hours allocated)


Galaxies/AGNs (5)

"Physical Processes in the Interstellar Medium of Very Nearby Galaxies"
(PI: Christine Wilson, 143.9 hours allocated)

"The ISM in Low Metallicity Environments: Bridging the Gap Between Local Universe and Primordial Galaxies"
(PI: Suzanne Madden, 104.9 hours allocated)

"The HEXGAL (Herschel EXtraGALactic) Key Project: Physical and Chemical Conditions of the ISM in Galactic Nuclei"
(PI: Rolf Güsten, 326.8 hours allocated)

"Star formation and activity in infrared bright galaxies at 0<z<1"
(PI: Eckhard Sturm, 295.5 hours allocated)

"The Herschel Reference Survey"
(PI: Stephen Eales, 112.6 hours allocated)

Cosmology (3)

"The Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey (HerMES): Measuring the Infrared Galaxy Formation History of the Universe"
(PI: Seb Oliver, 900.0 hours allocated)

"The Dusty Young Universe: Photometry and Spectroscopy of Quasars at z>2"
(PI: Klaus Meisenheimer, 164.5 hours allocated)

"PACS Evolutionary Probe - A guaranteed time key programme survey of the extragalactic sky"
(PI: Dieter Lutz, 654.9 hours allocated)



Open Time Key Programmes

For the Open Time (OT) part of the Key Programme AO a total of 21 Key Programmes were accepted and allocated time, out of 62 the proposals received. The total allocated observing time for these observing programmes contains 4982 AORs and amounts to 5378.8 hours, very close to 40% of all available OT.

Solar system (1)

"TNOs are Cool: A Survey of the Transneptunian Region"
(PI: Thomas Mueller, 372.7 hours allocated)

ISM/Star formation (10)

"Gas in Protoplanetary Systems (GASPS)"
(PI: Bill Dent, 400.0 hours allocated)

"DEBRIS: Disc Emission via a Bias-free Reconnaissance in the Infrared/Sub-millimetre"
(PI: Brenda Matthews, 140.0 hours allocated)

"Cold Disks around Nearby Stars. A Search for Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt analogues (DUNES: DUst disks around NEarby Stars)"
(PI: Carlos Eiroa, 140.0 hours allocated)

"HIGGS: The Herschel Inner Galaxy Gas Survey"
(PI: Christopher Martin, 125.0 hours allocated)

"Galactic Cold Cores: A Herschel survey of the source populations revealed by Planck"
(PI: Mika Juvela, 150.9 hours allocated)

"Dust, Ice, and Gas In Time (DIGIT)"
(PI: Neal Evans, 250.0 hours allocated)

"Herschel Oxygen Project"
(PI: Paul Goldsmith , 140.0 hours allocated)

"Hi-GAL: the Herschel infrared Galactic Plane Survey"
(PI: Sergio Molinari, 344.3 hours allocated)

"The Herschel Orion Protostar Survey (HOPS)"
(PI: Tom Megeath, 200.0 hours allocated)

"State of the Diffuse ISM: Galactic Observations of the Terahertz CII Line (GOT CPlus)"
(PI: William Langer, 223.0 hours allocated)

Galaxies/AGNs (8)

"Constraining the cold gas and dust in Cluster Cooling Flows"
(PI: Alastair Edge, 140.5 hours allocated)

"Herschel M33 extended survey (HERMES): star-formation interplay with the ISM"
(PI: Carsten Kramer, 191.9 hours allocated)

"The Herschel Lensing Survey"
(PI: Eiichi Egami, 292.3 hours allocated)

"LoCuSS: A Legacy Survey of Galaxy Clusters at z=0.2"
(PI: Graham Smith, 145.0 hours allocated)

"Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey (HeViCS)"
(PI: Jonathan Davies, 286.0 hours allocated)

"HERschel Inventory of The Agents of Galaxy Evolution (HERITAGE) in the Magellanic Clouds"
(PI: Margaret Meixner, 238.0 hours allocated)

"A Herschel survey of molecular lines in (U)LIRGs: physical conditions, the nature of the power source, and a benchmark for high-z observations"
(PI: Paul van der Werf, 100.0 hours allocated)

"Key Insights on Nearby Galaxies: A Far-Infrared Survey with Herschel (KINGFISH)"
(PI: Robert Kennicutt, 536.6 hours allocated)

Cosmology (2)

"The Herschel Thousand Degree Survey (aka H-ATLAS)"
(PI: Stephen Eales, 600.0 hours allocated)

"The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey : far-infrared imaging with Herschel"
(PI: David Elbaz, 362.6 hours allocated)