CESAR infrastructure

The CESAR core architecture composition consists in the following elements:

CESAR Main Control Centre

From which all participating telescopes are controlled and the observation data is transferred, in order to archive and distribute to the users. The Control Centre will be split in two modules: the control module and the CESAR Data Archive.

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CESAR Infrastructure Map (CESAR/ESA)

CESAR ESAC Radio Telescope

VIL-1 Antenna, a Cassegrain 15m parabolic main reflector fed with an S-band transmitter and S-band receiver (S/S) located at ESAC.

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CESAR Vil1 34 metres antenna (CESAR/ESA)

Cebreros Optical Telescope

A 50cm optical robotic telescope located at ESA's Deep Space Tracking Station, in Cebreros.

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Cebreros 50cm telescope 3D model (CESAR/ESA)

Robledo Optical Telescope

A 30cm optical telescope located at the visitors centre of the NASA Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex Network (MDSCC), in Robledo de Chavela.

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Robledo 30cm telescope model (CESAR/ESA)


A 9cm Hα telescope together with a small 10cm refractor installed at ESAC to perform solar observations during the day.

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HELIOS Solar telescope mount model (CESAR/ESA) within its dome.


Portable Solar Telescope (RA)

A 9cm Hα telescope together with a small 10cm refractor, similar to the set-up in Helios Observatory, is available to perform transient solar observations.

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RA Solar telescope mount model (CESAR/ESA)

CESAR architecture is flexible to accommodate future instruments (new optical telescopes or radio-telescopes), to adapt to new partners contibute.