Below please see the list of the trainee projects being offered in 2024 by our Department. 

For any questions we refer you to the contact page: https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/esac-trainees/contact


Internships at ESAC:

  1. Developing a Velocity Field Visualization Environment for GNSS Observations: A Digital Navigation Project.
  2. Exploring the devouring nature of Neutron Stars through Stellar Wind studies.
  3. Exploring and organising Mercury’s surface scientific holdings for Bepicolombo.
  4. Ariel Exoplanet Mission Science Planning.
  5. Deep Learning Techniques applied to SW quality assessment.
  6. Interactive data tutorials for Mars Express.
  7. Active galactic nuclei in the JWST archive.
  8. CubeSat integration and performance validation of polarized antennas.
  9. Periodicity in billions of Gaia astrometric timeseries.
  10. Exploring the early Universe and finding the first galaxies with the James Webb Space Telescope.
  11. Continuous Design of Multimedia, WEB and Social Media Contents for CESAR.
  12. Digital Transformation of the CESAR Space Science Experiances - II.
  13. Support of remote Operations of CESAR Solar and Night-Sky Telescopes.
  14. How to hunt for an asteroid - with JWST.
  15. Shaping the future of Science Operations through Natural Language Processing.
  16. Machine Learning with ESASky.

Internships at ESTEC:

  1. A Gaia view of the constellations across time.
  2. Atmospheric modeling of exoplanet phase-curves.
  3. Old star clusters in “young” dwarf galaxies.
  4. Hunting for exoplanets: providing ground-based support for ESA's space fleet.
  5. Which supermassive black holes shape the evolution of the galaxy where they reside?