ESLAB 51 Presentations

Monday 04 December 2017


Opening Session

2: Planetary habitability processes: accretion, evolution, impacts, ingredients

1: Habitability of Young Venus

Announcement and Presentation of Young Researcher Awards


Tuesday 05 December 2017


3: Evolution of habitability and settings for origins of life at Earth

4: Earth extreme habitats: natural (surface and subsurface), artificial and sustainable

7A: Mars past, present, and future habitability

7B: Mars past, present, and future habitability

6: Making the Moon/Mars habitable

16: Special Outreach Presentation

  • C. Carreau [Invited], [abstract] 'Our Solar System and planets formation, the appearance of life: A slideshow for the general public'

Wednesday 06 December 2017


5: Life support systems in Earth extreme places and in orbit, human spaceflight

8: Asteroids and small bodies habitats

9: Outer solar system: Sub-surface Habitability at icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn

10: Effects of space weather and Astrophysical hazards

11: Planetary protection and measuring extreme biomarkers

Special JWST Presentation


Thursday 07 December 2017


14A: Finding and Characterising Habitable Exoplanets: Proxima Centauri, Trappist-1 and beyond

14B: Finding and Characterising Habitable Exoplanets: Proxima Centauri, Trappist-1 and beyond

13: Engineering of travel to and exploration of Extreme Habitable Worlds

16A: Education, outreach, societal, philosophical & artistic views on "Extreme Habitable Worlds"


Friday 08 December 2017


12: Stellar, interstellar and interplanetary ingredients for extreme habitability

16B: Education, outreach, societal, philosophical & artistic views on "Extreme Habitable Worlds"



  • A. Nikolaou, [abstract] 'Duration of magma ocean in the early Earth with a grey and a H2O steam atmosphere'
  • N. Feshangsaz, [abstract] 'Survival of halophilic archaeon Halovarius luteusgen. nov., sp. nov., to desiccation, simulated Martian UV radiation and vacuum in comparison to Bacillus atrophaeus'
  • S. Romanchuk, [abstract] 'Species of plant Brassicaceae as a component of an autotrophic element of bioregenerating life support systems of a spacecraft'
  • T. Sassen, [abstract] 'Investigating phage-related threats to the MELiSSA loop'
  • A. Oren, [abstract] 'R-evolution of architecture'
  • M. Waltemathe, [abstract] 'A Historic Choice ofNumber: The Planetary Protection Requirement for Ocean World Exploration'
  • E. Palle, [abstract] 'Biosignatures across time'
  • L. Ksanfomaliti, [abstract] 'Signs of Hypothetical Flora and Fauna of the Planet Venus: Returning to Archive of the Old Tv-Experiments'
  • A. Wandel, [abstract] 'Potential for Life on Trappist-1 and other Red Dwarf Star Planets'
  • J.-P. P. De Vera, [abstract] 'Is Recent Mars A Habitable Planet? - Microorganisms From New Terrestrial Mars Analog Habitat Sites In The Permafrost Of Continental Antarctica Survive Mars Simulation Experiments In The Lab And In Space'
  • Posters illustrating EuroMoonMars results [abstract 1], [abstract 2]:
    • B. Foing, A. Lillo, P. Evellin et al, 'ILEWG EuroMoonMars research technology and simulation'
    • P. Evellin, B. Foing, A. Lillo et al, '2017 EuroMoonMars Analog Habitat Preparation and Simulation at ESTEC'
    • A. Lillo, B. Foing, P. Evellin et al, 'Remote operations of ExoGeoLab lander at ESTEC and LunAresbase'
    • V. Guinet, M. Monnerie, B. Jehannin, A. Cowley, C. Jonglez, B. Foing, 'Preparation of human telerobotics operations using EAC and ESTEC facilities'
    • C. Stoker, J. Clarke, B. Foing, K. Martin, 'Mineralogical and organic properties of samples from MDRS Mars Desert Research Station; analog study for MSL Curiosity'
    • M. Offringa, B. Foing, C. Jonglez, 'UV-VIS NIR and FTIR spectroscopy of MoonMars analogues'
    • D. Wills, B. Foing, 'Gamma-Ray bursts spectral structure and implications For life'
  • N. Verschoor, B. Foing & WDKA Applied Art students, [abstract] 'King of Mars: Exploring and Creating Space'
  • N. Verschoor, B. Foing & WDKA Applied Art students, [abstract] 'King on The MoonVillage'
  • M. Gomes Rachid (poster flash talk), [abstract] 'Processing of Cometary surface by swift ions'
  • F. Da Pieve (poster flash talk), [abstract] 'Response of potential new solar cells on the surface of Mars for assessing future habitability: a space weather and materials modelling study'
  • J.M. Kashyap (poster flash talk), [abstract] 'Indexing of exoplanets in search for potential habitability: application to Mars-like worlds'
  • R.M. Giurgiu (poster flash talk), [abstract] 'From Waste to Taste; Closing theMELiSSA Loops for escaping and sustaining the Earth habitat'
  • A. Riedo (poster flash talk), [abstract] 'A miniature LIMS instrument for in situ chemical analysis of solids with high spatial resolution on planetary surfaces'
  • C. Martin (poster flash talk), [abstract] 'Architectural Distancing from the Exit Strategy: the Habitability of Extreme Worlds Versus the Extreme Habitability of Worlds'
  • D. Winterhalter, [abstract] 'A Systematic Search of the Nearest Stars for Exoplanetary Radio Emission: Strong Radio Bursts from ROSS 614 AB’
  • K. Isaak et al., 'CHEOPS: CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite'
  • K. Isaak, 'Observing with CHEOPS'
  • M. Turšic, [abstract] 'Becoming an Oikos'
  • P.B. Rimmer, [abstract] 'Universal Life'