Location: Meetings will take place at DLR.

Food and drinks: Tea and coffee will be provided in the breaks. Lunch will also be provided.


Tuesday 16th June
09:15 Welcome/Introduction/Logistics J. Helbert/J. BENKHOFF
Block 1 Magnetosphere
09:30 Mercury's magnetic field: MESSENGER observations and BepiColombo opportunities Johnson et al.
10:15 Mercury's magnetosphere - Bepi Colombo science possibilities Delcourt
11:00 Coffee break  
11:15 Induction balance at the magnetopause of Mercury Heyner
11:25 A Study of the Low-Latitude Boundary layer on Mercury Liljeblad et al.
11:35 Dynamo model explanation for Mercury's unusual magenetic field Takahashi
11:45 MESSENGER's plasma observations in Mercury's northern magnetospheric cusp Raines et al.
11:55 Modelling Mercury's magnetospheric magnetic field: Past, present and future Korth et al.
12:05 Localized electron induced X-ray flourescence on the nightside surface of Mercury and its implications for magnetospheric structure Lindsay et al.
12:15 Discussion All
13:00 Lunch  
Block 2 Surface
14:00 Geochemistry of Mercury's surface: Results from MESSENGER Shoshana Weider
14:40 The Global Cessation of Effusive Volcanism on Mercury Byrne et al.
15:05 The tectonics of Mercury: Infromation from MESSENGER imaging and topography Klimczak et al.
15:30 Studying the surface of Mercury with BepiColombo Helbert
16:10 Coffee break  
16:30 Water Ice on Mercury: Exploring the South Polar Regions Chabot et al.
16:40 High-resolution measurements of Mercury's surface composition with the MESSENGER X-ray spectrometer Frank et al.
16:50 Mercury's Hollows: Morphology and Spectral and Elemental Variations Izenberg et al.
17:00 Measurements of surface reflectance and roughness on Mercury with the Mercury Laser Altimeter Neumann et al.
17:10 The Mercury Global Mapping Project Prockter et al.
17:20 Geological mapping of Mercury in preparation for BepiColombo Rothery & Massironi
17:30 Domingue et al.
17:40 Can MESSENGER Visible to Near-Infrared Photometric and Spectral Data  Inform Predictions about BepiColombo Mid-Infrared Spectral Findings? Vilas et al.
17:50 Future observations of Mercury with BepiColombo's Mercury Imaging X-ray Spectrometer (MIXS) Martindale et al.
18:00 Discussion All
19:00 End of day  
Wednesday 17th June
Block 3 Exosphere
09:30 Exploring Mercury's Surface-bound Exosphere from Orbit: Observations by the Mercury Atmospheric and Surface Composition Spectrometer aboard the MESSSENGER Spacecraft McClintock et al.
10:15 Mercury's exosphere: from MESSENGER to Bepi-Colombo  Leblanc et al.
11:00 Coffee break   
11:15 Mercury's Calcium Exosphere in the MESSENGER Era Burger et al.
11:25 Direct measurement of interplanetary dust influx on Mercury - An origin of sodium exosphere and space weathering of Mercury Hirai
11:35 Seasonal variability of Mercury's sodium and interplanetary dust distribution  Kameda et al.
11:45 Impact Vaporization as a Source of Mercury's Calcium Exosphere with Evidence for a Meteor Shower Killen et al.
11:55 Mercury Sodium Atmosphere Spectral Imager (MSASI) onboard BepiColombo/MMO Murakami et al.
12:05 MESSENGER Observations of Mercury's Sodium Exosphere Cassidy et al.
12:15 Discussion All
13:00 Lunch  
Block 4 Interior
14:00 Mercury's interior: New views from MESSENGER Hauck et al.

Bernard Charlier

Nicola Tosi

15:30 Coffee break  
16:00 The gravity field of Mercury after the MESSENGER mission Genova
16:10 Insights from MESSENGER into the crustal structure of Mercury's geochemical terranes James et al.
16:20 The impact of near-zero obliquity on the evolution of Mercury Kamata et Kuramoto
16:30 Mercury Orbiter Radio Science Experiment (MORE): global full-cycle numerical simulation Milani
16:40 Topography and Shape of Mercury from the Mercury Laser Altimeter Smith
16:50 Density and sound velocity of liquid Fe-alloys under high pressure: Implications for Mercury core Terasaki
17:00 Discussion All
17:30 End of day  
19:30 Social event/dinner Zur letzten Instanz - warm buffet at the oldest continuously operating restaurant in Berlin.  
Thursday 18th June
Block 5 "The Big Picture and Lessons Learned"
General topics
09:00 Open discussion on Lessons Learned for science operations and science planning All
10:00 Mercury Orbiter Radio Science Experiment (MORE): benefits from an extended mission Imperi et al.
10:10 MERCURY REFERENCE FRAME and TOPOGRAPHIC BASE MAP from Combined MESSENGER Stereo Photogrammetry AND Laser Altimetry  Oberst et al.
10:20 Mercury's Exosphere: Lessons Learned from MESSENGER and Follow-On Possibilities for BepiColombo Killen et al.
10:30 Discussion All
11:00 Coffee break   
11:30 the Big Picture as seen by MESSENGER Solomon
12:15 the Big Picture: expected contributions of BepiColombo Spohn
13:00 Final discussion All
13:30 End of meeting  


Mini Agenda

Tuesday 16th June
09:15 - Introduction
09:30 - 13:00 - Magnetosphere
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - 18:00 - Surface

Wednesday 17th June
09:30 - 13:00 - Exosphere
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - 17:30 - Interior
19:30 - Dinner/Social event

Thursday 18th June
09:30 - 13:00 - The big picture
13:30 - End of meeting