Fitted Gaia (E)DR3 photometric uncertainties tool


A tool is provided in the form of a Python Jupyter notebook to easily reproduce the median behaviour of Gaia (E)DR3 photometric uncertainties in the three Gaia passbands (G, GBP, and GRP). The same tool is also able to scale the fitted B-splines to sources with a different number of observations. The process to derive this median behaviour is explained in the technical note "Fitting the Gaia EDR3 photometric uncertainties" by Gaia DPAC coordination unit 5 and prepared by J.M. Carrasco, F. De Angeli, M. Riello, and C. Jordi. The code needs an input file with the B-splines knots and coefficients which is included in the link below. 


The code is provided here


The code comes with a README, explaining in further detail the use of the code and input file.


If your research benefits from the use of this code, please consider to include the following acknowledgement in your publication: "This research has made use of the tool provided by Gaia DPAC to reproduce the Gaia (E)DR3 photometric uncertainties described in the GAIA-C5-TN-UB-JMC-031 technical note using data in Riello et al. (2021)."


Credits: This code was developed by the CU5 calibration unit of the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC). In particular, it was developed by the authors of the attached technical note (J.M. Carrasco, F. De Angeli, M. Riello, and C. Jordi) and some helpful comments were provided by J. de Bruijne and D.W. Evans.


Published: 13 June 2022