Gaia DR3 info

Information on Gaia Data Release 3 contents, completeness and limitations. This page will be updated closer to the release date.


Gaia DR3 papers

The titles of the expected papers describing the data processing and demonstrating the science potential of Gaia Data Release 3 will be published soon.


Gaia DR3 documentation

The data release documentation for Gaia Data Release 3, describing the processing of the data from raw to Gaia DR3 will appear both on webpages and through a downloadable PDF-file at the release day.


Gaia DR3 data release events

Overview of the Gaia DR3 release events planned will be published here.

Gaia DR3 data model

The Gaia DR3 data model explains in further details the tables and columns providing the Gaia data. A draft version will be published in advance of the release.


Gaia DR3 Known issues

Find here the issues found with Gaia DR3 data after the release / data release documentation was published.


Gaia DR3 passbands

Find here a description of the Gaia EDR3 passbands. The Gaia EDR3 passbands are applicable to Gaia DR3.


Gaia DR3 data

Gaia Data Release 3 data will become available from the Gaia Archive and its partner data centres.

Python access

Gaia data can be accessed using Python. Learn more about the astroquery package for Gaia here.


ADQL Queries

While downloading the data will be possible, bring instead your code to the data. Use ADQL queries to extract the data and then download only the resulting table.


Tutorials and Help

Help is available to guide you through the process of getting the data you need. Check out the tutorials, they are very instructive!


Gaia DR3 primer

After the release of Gaia DR3, we hope to bring you the Gaia DR3 primer to help you use Gaia DR3.

Public outreach Material

An overview of news and stories on the Gaia Mission and Gaia science are given here. The press release by ESA on Gaia DR3 will be shared at the release day.


Gaia DR3 stories

A selection of stories on the processing towards Gaia Data Release 3 and the science potential of the data will be published at the release day.


Gaia Data Credits

When using Gaia DR3 data, please acknowledge the work of the people involved and provide credits and necessary citations. Each release comes with its own credit lines and DOI.



Read our FAQ or contact the Gaia Helpdesk.