2006 Science Workshop List of Posters


The poster list is also available for Download Here.

Variable and Broad Iron Lines around Black Holes


Topic: Broad iron lines and reflection in AGN

XMM Monitoring observations of Markarian 3

Georgantopoulos, I.

The X-ray spectral variability of the Seyfert I galaxy MCG-6-30-15

Larsson, J.

Automated spectral and timing analysis of AGN spectra

Munz, F.

Evidence for a Broad Iron Line in the Seyfert 2 galaxy F 02581-1136

Rodriguez-Martinez, M.

Topic: Understanding the innermost flows around BH

Power spectra from spotted accretion discs

Pechacek, T.

Topic: X-ray reflection and spectral variability

X-ray spectra and polarization from accreting black holes: Polarization from an orbiting spot

Dovciak, M.

Topic: Variable shifted lines

Variability of the FeK line relativistic component in a sample of Seyfert 1 galaxies

De Marco, B.

Time-resolved spectroscopy analysis of ESO 113-G010

Porquet, D.