XMM-Newton Extended Source Analysis Software


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The XMM-Newton Extended Source Analysis Software package (XMM-ESAS) is developed at the NASA/GSFC XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility (GOF) in cooperation with the XMM-Newton SOC.

XMM-ESAS allows the user to model the quiescent particle background for both spectral and spatial analysis of EPIC MOS observations. It produces background spectra for user-defined regions of the detectors and background images. The output files are FITS standard and can be used in spectral fitting packages (e.g., Xspec) or with FITS image display software (e.g., fv or ds9).

XMM-ESAS is based on the software used for the background modelling described in Snowden, Collier & Kuntz (2004, ApJ, 610, 1182).

The XMM-ESAS package is integrated in SAS, as of version 9.0. As of SAS version 21.0, ESAS has been signifcantly improved. ESAS routines have been modified to be less dependent upon the rigid directory/file name structure, and made more modular. XMM-ESAS supports the analysis of pn and MOS observations. XMM-ESAS documentation can be found at:


or at the SAS Portal web pages at,


For XMM-ESAS related questions, please contact the XMM-Newton Helpdesk through the following page,


or visit the NASA XMM-GOF at,


which provides also a section on Warnings and Watchouts.

Suggestions for improving the software or documentation are also welcome.