XMM-Newton Current Calibration File Release Notes


The table lists the CCF release notes. The last four columns indicate to which component the CCF's described in this release note are relevant.

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Reference Title Date XRT EPIC RGS OM
XMM-CCF-REL-403 EPIC canned matrix epochs 10-Oct-2023   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-402 EPIC MOS Fixed Offset Tables 05-Oct-2023   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-401 Update of the RGS Time-dependent Rectification Correction 12-Sep-2023     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-400 Update of EPIC MOS gain 27-Jul-2023   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-399 EPIC Flare Vignetting Maps 14-Mar-2023   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-398 EPIC Scale Factors 14-Mar-2023   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-397 EPIC SWCX Vignetting Maps 14-Mar-2023   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-396 EPIC MOS response 31-Mar-2023   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-395 Update of the correction to the RGS Effective Area 05-Apr-2023     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-394 Astrometry: time variable boresight - 2023 update 17-Jan-2023   X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-393 EPIC MOS CTI Update 13-Jul-2023   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-392 EPIC filter-wheel closed data 15-Feb-2023   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-391 Spatial CTI correction and energy scale in [6,9] keV for XMM-Newton EPIC-pn in Full Frame and Extended Full Frame modes 25-Oct-2022   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-390 EPIC MOS contamination 25-Oct-2022   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-389 XMM-Newton EPIC-pn: long-term CTI update 31-Mar-2022   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-388 Empirical correction of the EPIC effective area 07-Apr-2022   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-387 Astrometry: time variable boresight - 2022 update 01-Feb-2022   X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-386 OM Grisms Calibration: time dependent sensitivity correction 03-Dec-2021       X
XMM-CCF-REL-385 Evolution of the RGS Gain and CTI (2021) 19-Jan-2022     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-384 EPIC filter-wheel closed data 20-Sep-2021   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-383 RGS Bad Pixels - advisory extended segments 06-Jul-2021     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-382 Update of the CORRAREA Empirical EPIC Effective Area Correction 26-Jul-2021   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-381 RGS Bad Pixels - advisory extended segments 27-Apr-2021     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-380 Astrometry: time variable boresight - 2021 update 05-Jan-2021   X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-378 OM Photometry. Update of the Time Dependent Sensitivity Degradation correction based on stars from OM Catalogue SUSS-4 14-May-2020       X
XMM-CCF-REL-377 OM Grisms Calibration: time dependent sensitivity correction 22-Apr-2020       X
XMM-CCF-REL-376 EPIC-pn Energy Scale: Rate and Energy-Dependent PHA Correction for Burst Mode and Long-Term CTI Updates 23-Jun-2020   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-375 Astrometry: time variable boresight. 2020 update 14-Feb-2020   X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-373 EPIC MOS Redistribution 28-Nov-2019   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-372 RGS Time-dependent Rectification Factors 08-Oct-2019     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-371 Update of the correction to the RGS Effective Area 05-Jun-2019     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-370 RGS Bad Pixels - upload of extended segments 28-Mar-2019     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-369 Rate and Energy-Dependent PHA Correction for EPIC-pn Timing Mode 27-Mar-2019   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-368 OM bad pixels: Update 27-Mar-2019       X
XMM-CCF-REL-367 EPIC-pn Energy Scale for Large Window Mode: long-term CTI and pattern corrections 29-Mar-2019   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-366 EPIC-pn Energy Scale for Small Window Mode: long-term CTI correction 29-Mar-2019   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-365 RGS Offsets - CCD values in RGS ADUCONV CCFs 26-Mar-2019     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-364 Update of EPIC MOS gain 22-Mar-2019   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-363 Update of EPIC MOS CTI 22-Mar-2019   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-362 EPIC MOS Fixed Offset Tables 10-Jan-2019   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-361 Astrometry: time variable boresight. 2018 update 19-Dec-2018   X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-359 OM Grisms Calibration: time dependent sensitivity correction 28-Nov-2018       X
XMM-CCF-REL-358 EPIC-pn Energy Scale: Long-Term CTI and Quiescent Background Gain Correction 09-Oct-2018   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-356 OM Photometry. Update of the Time Dependent Sensitivity Degradation correction based on stars from OM Catalogue SUSS-3 16-May-2018       X
XMM-CCF-REL-355 Update of EPIC MOS gain 06-Feb-2018   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-354 Update of EPIC MOS CTI 06-Feb-2018   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-353 OM bad pixels: Update 18-Dec-2017       X
XMM-CCF-REL-352 EPIC filter-wheel closed data 13-Dec-2017   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-351 Astrometry: time variable boresight. A new update. 15-Dec-2017   X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-350 RGS HK Temperatures 21-Sep-2017     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-349 Extrapolation of the correction to the RGS Effective Area 21-Jun-2017     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-348 Modification of the XRT PSF Parameters 24-Aug-2017 X      
XMM-CCF-REL-347 RGS Bad Pixels - advisory extended segments 03-Feb-2017     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-346 OM Photometry. New Time Dependent Sensitivity Degradation correction based on stars from OM Catalogue SUSS-2.1 18-Jan-2017       X
XMM-CCF-REL-345 Evolution of the RGS Gain and CTI 17-Jan-2017     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-344 EPIC filter-wheel closed data 17-Jan-2017   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-343 Astrometry: time variable boresight. A new update. 04-Jan-2017   X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-342 RGS Offsets - CCD values in ADUCONV CCFs 19-Dec-2016     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-341 RGS HK Temperatures 09-Jan-2017     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-340 Correction to the RGS Effective Area 29-Mar-2023     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-339 EPIC PN Offset Table 10-Oct-2016   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-338 EPIC PN Bad Pixels 11-Oct-2016   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-337 EPIC-pn Pattern Fraction 19-Sep-2016   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-336 EPIC-pn Long Term CTI 19-Sep-2016   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-335 EPIC Filter Transmission 19-Sep-2016   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-334 RGS Bad Pixels - upload of extended segments 12-May-2016     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-333 EPIC-pn SLEW-specific PSF parameterisation 14-Apr-2016   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-332 Change in sign of the BORESIGHT psi angle 22-Jan-2016   X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-331 Update of the RGS Gain and CTI (August 2007 - December 2009) 01-Dec-2015     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-330 Astrometry: time variable boresight. A new update. 07-Oct-2015   X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-329 EPIC MOS Fixed Offset Tables 24-Aug-2015   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-328 Update of the RGS to EPIC-pn Rectification Factors 22-Jul-2015     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-327 RGS Offsets - Update of ADUCONV CCFs 12-May-2015     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-326 X-ray Loading and Rate-Dependent CTI correction for EPIC-pn Burst Mode 06-Mar-2015   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-325 X-ray Loading correction for EPIC-pn Burst Mode 06-Mar-2015   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-324 EPIC MOS HK GTI Selection 02-Feb-2015   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-323 EPIC-pn Long-Term CTI and Energy Scale 09-Dec-2014   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-322 Time-dependent width of the EPIC-pn spectral response 03-Oct-2014   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-321 CORRAREA: a new tool to estimate the impact of effective area EPIC inter-calibration uncertainties 19-Sep-2014   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-320 RGS Bad Pixels 23-Jul-2014     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-319 Update of the RGS Gain and CTI 17-Jul-2014     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-318 Refinement of the EPIC-MOS Quantum Efficiency at the Silicon edge 30-Sep-2014   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-317 Update of EPIC MOS gain 08-Jul-2014   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-316 Update of EPIC MOS CTI 08-Jul-2014   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-315 Astrometry: time variable boresight update 28-Jul-2014   X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-314 The RGS effective area: update of the contamination correction 11-Apr-2014     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-313 Refinement of the high-energy XRT3 PSF 18-Mar-2014   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-312 RDPHA calibration in the Fe line regime for EPIC-pn Timing Mode 28-Feb-2014   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-311 RGS Bad Pixels 27-Feb-2014     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-310 EPIC MOS HK GTI selection 06-Feb-2014   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-309 EPIC-pn Long-Term CTI 28-Jan-2014   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-308 EPIC MOS Quantum Efficiency and redistribution 10-Dec-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-307 RGS HK GTI Selection 15-Oct-2013     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-306 Calibration of the Rate-Dependent PHA (RDPHA) correction for EPIC-pn Timing Mode 01-Oct-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-305 EPIC-MOS contamination parameters 04-Sep-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-304 Post-XRL Rate-Dependent CTI correction for EPIC-pn Timing Mode 29-Aug-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-303 Modifications to EMOS Bad Pixel Table 12-Aug-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-302 Calibration of the spectral impact of X-Ray Loading (XRL) in EPIC-pn Timing Mode 02-Aug-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-301 EPIC MOS Fixed Offset Tables 29-Jul-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-300 EPIC-pn Long-Term CTI 17-Jun-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-299 Coefficients of the Rate-Dependent PHA (RDPHA) correction based on the derivative spectra 07-Feb-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-298 EPIC-pn time jump parameters 17-Apr-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-297 Sun Angle correction to the RGS Wawelength scale 17-Apr-2013     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-296 EPIC MOS Fixed Offset Tables 01-Mar-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-295 Modifications to EMOS Bad Pixel Table 01-Mar-2013   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-294 EPIC PN Offset Table 24-Sep-2012   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-293 EPIC PN Bad Pixels 25-Sep-2012   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-292 RGS Bad Pixels 09-Aug-2012     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-291 Modifications to EMOS Bad Pixel Table 08-Aug-2012   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-290 Implementation of the Variable Boresight for RGS 20-Jul-2012     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-289 Recent evolution of RGS gain and CTI 18-Sep-2012     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-288 EPIC-pn Long-Term CTI 24-Jul-2012   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-287 EPIC Filter Transmission 18-Jun-2012   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-286 Astrometry: time-dependent boresight 24-May-2012   X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-285 EPIC-pn FW Closed Offset Maps for Timing and Burst Modes 23-May-2012   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-283 EPIC-pn spatial CTI correction 24-May-2012   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-281 Support to the X-ray Loading correction in EPIC-pn Fast Modes 12-Apr-2012   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-280 2-D PSF parameterization 28-Mar-2012   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-279 Update of EPIC MOS gain 16-Feb-2012   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-278 Update of EPIC MOS CTI 16-Feb-2012   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-277 2-D PSF spoke parameterization 01-Dec-2011   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-276 EPIC PN Bad Pixels 16-Sep-2011   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-275 Modification of the RGS line-spread function 17-Dec-2011     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-274 OM Photometry 24-May-2011       X
XMM-CCF-REL-273 EPIC MOS response 24-Mar-2011   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-272 EPIC MOS response 31-Jan-2011   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-271 EPIC-pn Long-Term CTI 21-Dec-2010   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-270 EPIC MOS Fixed Offset Tables 11-Sep-2010   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-269 CCF implementation of RGS-pn rectification 16-Dec-2010     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-267 EPIC MOS response 29-Jul-2010   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-266 Refinement of pn redistribution 17-Jun-2010   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-265 RAWY-dependent calibration of the PATTERN fraction in EPIC-pn Timing Mode 17-Jun-2010   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-264 2-D PSF Gaussian parameterization 06-May-2010   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-263 2-D PSF parametrisation 07-May-2010   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-262 The RGS effective area incorporating exponential contamination and a mechanism for rectification 20-Apr-2010     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-261 RGS Background Spectra Templates in Wavelength space 16-Apr-2010     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-260 EPIC MOS Quantum Efficiency 15-Jan-2010   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-259 Spectral quality-related CCF XMM_SPECQUAL 13-Apr-2010   X X  
XMM-CCF-REL-258 Update of EPIC MOS gain 07-Oct-2009   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-257 Update of EPIC MOS CTI 06-Oct-2009   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-256 Rate-dependent CTI correction for EPIC-pn Timing Modes: SASv9.0 update 27-Aug-2009   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-255 EPIC out of field-of-view description 15-Jul-2009   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-254 EPIC MOS screening thresholds 15-Jul-2009   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-252 OM Bad Pixels 04-Jun-2009       X
XMM-CCF-REL-251 EPIC MOS Fixed Offset Tables 13-Apr-2009   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-250 RGS Background Spectra Templates 12-Mar-2009     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-249 Support to FF mode special gain correction 07-May-2009   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-248 Rate-dependent CTI correction for EPIC-pn Timing Modes 02-Dec-2008   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-247 EPIC canned response matrices 03-Oct-2008   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-246 Correction to the long-term CTI for pn Large Window, Small Window and Fast Modes 04-Jul-2008   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-245 Rate-dependent CTI correction for pn Timing and Burst Modes 09-Jun-2008   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-244 EPIC PN Bad Pixels 29-Apr-2008   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-243 EPIC PN Offset Table 29-Apr-2008   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-242 Modifications to EMOS Bad Pixel Table 01-Apr-2008   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-241 Refinement of pn long term CTI & temperature dependent gain 27-Feb-2008   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-240 RGS Offset Values Update 19-Dec-2007     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-239 RGS Bad Pixels 04-Sep-2007     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-238 An improved model of the RGS effective area based on the build-up of carbon contamination 23-Aug-2007     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-237 RGS2 CCFs for single-node readout 16-Aug-2007     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-236 Truncated master offset maps for epreject 16-Aug-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-235 EPIC MOS Quantum Efficiency 06-Aug-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-234 EPIC-pn Offset Table 07-Aug-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-233 EPIC-pn Bad Pixels 05-Sep-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-232 EPIC MOS Fixed Offset Tables 08-Aug-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-231 EPIC canned response matrices 11-Jul-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-229 RGS Background Spectra Templates 19-Jun-2007     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-228 PN Modified Timing mode response matrix 10-Jul-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-227 Master offset maps for epreject 04-Apr-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-226 RGS Bad Pixels 22-Mar-2007     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-225 Update of EPIC MOS gain 15-Mar-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-224 Update of EPIC MOS CTI 19-Mar-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-223 EPIC-pn CTI and Gain updates 13-Aug-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-222 Update of EPIC MOS2 gain epoch revs. 446-533 31-Oct-2006   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-221 Update of EPIC MOS2 CTI epoch revs. 446-533 31-Oct-2006   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-220 RGS1 CCD9 node1 CTIX scale factor 11-Aug-2006     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-219 EPIC PN FIFO overflow deadtime parameters 05-Jul-2006   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-218 RGS cool pixels 29-Jun-2006     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-217 RGS background spectra templates 28-Jun-2006     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-216 A new model for the RGS effective area 29-Jun-2006     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-215 RGS individual CCD sensitivities and 2nd and 3rd order grating efficiencies 29-Jun-2006     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-214 Revision of the RGS CCD gains 27-Jun-2006     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-213 Evolution of the RGS CTI 29-Jun-2006     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-212 Tuning RGS Instrumental MgF2 Absorption with Mkn421 27-Jun-2006     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-211 EPIC MOS Fixed Offset Tables 14-Jun-2006   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-210 OM Photometry: time dependant sensitivity degradation correction 13-Jun-2006       X
XMM-CCF-REL-209 OM Grisms Astrometry 13-Jun-2006       X
XMM-CCF-REL-208 OM Grisms Calibration: correcting count rate in extracted spectrum 12-Jun-2006       X
XMM-CCF-REL-207 Update of EPIC MOS Gain 17-May-2006   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-206 Update of EPIC MOS CTI 24-May-2006   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-205 PN telescope effective area modification at high energies 07-Apr-2007   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-204 EPIC PN Bad Pixels 06-Mar-2006   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-203 Long term EPIC-pn CTI correction refinement 05-Apr-2006   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-202 EPIC MOS Response 22-Nov-2005   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-201 Further refinement of EPIC-pn frame times and clock sequences 08-Nov-2005   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-200 Update of EPIC MOS gain 21-Oct-2005   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-199 OM Grisms Calibration: Update 19-Oct-2005       X
XMM-CCF-REL-198 PN Spatial Gain 14-Oct-2005   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-197 OM Astrometry: new boresight 26-Sep-2005       X
XMM-CCF-REL-195 OM Photometry: Zero points, AB System & flux converison factors 19-Sep-2005       X
XMM-CCF-REL-194 OM PSF - A correction 15-Sep-2005       X
XMM-CCF-REL-193 EPIC MOS Fixed Offset Tables 04-Nov-2005   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-192 EPIC MOS response 19-Aug-2005   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-191 EPIC MOS fixed offset 12-Aug-2005   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-190 Further low energy noise rejection refinement for pn 10-Aug-2005   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-189 EPIC-pn spectral response 09-May-2005   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-188 Masking of Complete MOS1 CCD6 27-Apr-2005   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-187 Effective Area of the EPIC-pn X-Ray Telescope 18-Mar-2005 X X    
XMM-CCF-REL-186 EPIC-pn Filter Transmission 14-Mar-2005   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-185 CCF set for SciSim 25-Jan-2005 X X X X
XMM-CCF-REL-184 EPIC MOS response 10-Dec-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-183 EPIC-pn spectral response 11-Nov-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-182 Energy correction for the Extended Full Frame mode 12-Nov-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-181 EPIC MOS fixed offset 29-Oct-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-180 EPIC PN masked mode parameters 15-Oct-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-179 RGS Background Spectra Templates 15-Oct-2004     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-178 Masking of MOS bright patches in MOS1 CCD4 14-Sep-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-177 Low energy noise rejection refinement for pn 15-Sep-2004     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-176 RGS Quantum Efficiency Shortest Wavelength Correction Factors 27-Jul-2004     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-175 EPIC PN Bad Pixels 05-Jul-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-174 pn telescope effective area modification 09-Jun-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-173 RGS DARKFRAME normalisation 19-Jul-2004     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-172 Improving pn Window mode CTI correction and refining the long term CTI correction for all pn Modes 19-Jul-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-171 RGS Instrumental Flourine Absorption 24-Jun-2004     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-170 MOS Filter Transmission 14-Jun-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-169 EPIC MOS low energy response & Quantum Efficiency 05-Aug-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-168 EPIC absolute astrometry 21-May-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-167 PSF of the X-ray telescopes 19-May-2004 X      
XMM-CCF-REL-166 EPIC MOS Metrology 13-May-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-165 EPIC MOS Bad Pixels 23-Mar-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-164 EPIC PN spectral response 23-Mar-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-163 OM Grisms Calibration 23-Mar-2004       X
XMM-CCF-REL-162 Low energy noise rejection for PN 23-Mar-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-161 Update of the EPIC MOS gain 23-Mar-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-160 OM PSF 28-Nov-2003       X
XMM-CCF-REL-159 EPIC MOS CTI since CCD cooling 19-Nov-2003   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-158 Refinement of the Frametimes 23-Mar-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-157 Creating the possibility for independent SW and LW Mode additional CTI correction 27-Nov-2003   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-156 Improved Vignetting Correction by refining the XMM optical axis 23-Mar-2004   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-155 OM Astrometry 11-Sep-2003       X
XMM-CCF-REL-152 EPIC MOS Pattern Fractions 23-Jul-2003   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-150 OM GTI selection 16-Jun-2003       X
XMM-CCF-REL-149 MOS columns with shifted energies 11-Dec-2003   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-148 OM Astrometry 16-Jun-2003       X
XMM-CCF-REL-147 EPIC MOS fixed offset 28-Jul-2003   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-146 EPIC Filter Transmission 09-Apr-2003   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-145 EPIC MOS Spectral Response Distribution 24-Jan-2003   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-144 PSF of the X-ray telescopes 24-Jan-2003 X      
XMM-CCF-REL-143 Improved model of RGS Oxygen absorption 19-Dec-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-142 RGS smoothed cross-dispersion PSFs 19-Dec-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-141 EPIC MOS pattern fractions 19-Dec-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-140 RGS Gains and CTI Parameters refinement 19-Dec-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-139 EPIC pn quantum efficiency 12-Dec-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-138 EPIC MOS quantum efficiency 11-Dec-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-137 UPDATE: New CTI correction for SW and LW Mode and new possible long term CTI to the EPN_CTI.CCF 10-Dec-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-136 OM flux conversion factors 10-Dec-2002       X
XMM-CCF-REL-135 EPIC MOS Spectral Response Distribution 10-Dec-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-134 RGS SAS temperature limits for the November 2002 cooling campaign and beyond 16-Dec-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-133 ADUCONV for cold MOSs 12-Dec-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-132 RGS Gains, offsets and CTI parameters after cooling down CCDs in November 2002 13-Dec-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-131 RGS Gains, Offsets and CTI Parameters before cooling 13-Dec-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-130 RGS Bad Pixels 29-Nov-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-129 EPIC MOS HK GTI selection 04-Dec-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-128 New CTI correction for SW and LW Mode and new possible long term CTI 27-Nov-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-127 EPIC MOS CTI 11-Nov-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-126 EPIC MOS Bad Pixels 03-Dec-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-125 EPIC MOS Gain 10-Nov-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-124 EPIC MOS Energy Scale 16-Oct-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-123 Export of parameters from calpnalgo-2.38 to the EPN_CTI.CCF 23-Sep-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-122 Addition of MOS SAS specific parameters in MISCDATA CCF 11-Sep-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-121 EPIC Spectral Response Distributions 26-Jul-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-120 OM Photometry 05-Jul-2002       X
XMM-CCF-REL-119 OM PSF 13-Jun-2002       X
XMM-CCF-REL-118 EPIC PN HK GTI selection 06-Jun-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-117 EPIC MOS HK GTI selection 05-Jun-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-116 PSF of the X-ray telescopes 14-May-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-115 EPIC Filter Transmission (Regions) 18-Apr-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-114 RGS Cross-Dispersion PSF 08-Mar-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-113 EPIC Spectral Response Distribution 05-Mar-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-112 EPIC Spectral Response Distribution 27-Feb-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-111 RGS GTI Selection 14-Feb-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-109 EPIC MOS Energy Scale 08-Feb-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-108 RGS Quantum Efficiency 05-Feb-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-107 RGS GTI Selection 05-Feb-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-106 RGS GTI Selection 1-Feb-2002     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-105 OM Bad Pixel 16-Jan-2002       X
XMM-CCF-REL-103 EPIC MOS Spectral response 08-Jan-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-102 EPIC MOS Bad Pixels 04-Jan-2002   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-101 OM Photometry 19-Dec-2001       X
XMM-CCF-REL-100 PSF of the X-ray telescopes 19-Dec-2001 X      
XMM-CCF-REL-99 EPIC PN astrometry 11-Dec-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-98 EPIC MOS Bad Pixels 10-Dec-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-97 EPIC PN Timing 05-Dec-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-96 OM Bad Pixel 08-Nov-2001       X
XMM-CCF-REL-95 EPIC Offset tables 17-Oct-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-94 RGS Bad Pixels 09-Oct-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-93 EPIC MOS HK GTI selection 09-Oct-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-92 EPIC MOS Spectral Response Distribution 09-Oct-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-91 EPIC PN Field of View 24-Sep-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-90 EPIC PN Energy Scale 21-Sep-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-89 EPIC PN Bad Pixels 21-Sep-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-88 RGS Line Spread Function -- New Scatter Parameters 05-Sep-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-87 RGS Bad Pixels 29-Jul-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-86 EPIC MOS astrometry 2-Aug-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-85 RGS GTI Selection 24-Jul-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-84 EPIC Spectral Response 06-Aug-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-83 RGS Bad Pixels 25-Jun-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-82 EPIC PN Energy Scale 20-Jun-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-81 RGS LinCoord: Change of origin of TELCOORD in SACCOORD System 19-Jun-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-80 EPIC MOS and PN HK GTI Selection 01-Jun-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-79 Encircled Energy of the X-ray Telescopes 01-Jun-2001 X X    
XMM-CCF-REL-78 EPIC MOS BAd Pixels 10-May-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-77 X-ray Absorption Coefficients 14-May-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-76 EPIC MOS HK GTI selection 14-May-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-75 RGS Bad Pixels 10-May-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-74 EPIC Dark Frame 27-Apr-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-73 EPIC Spectral response Distribution 27-Apr-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-72 Addition of geometry parameters of XRT 24-Apr-2001 X   X  
XMM-CCF-REL-71 RGS2 CCD2 Thickness of SiO&sub2; Layer 11-Apr-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-70 EPIC PN Bad Pixels 04-Apr-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-69 Encircled Energy Function of the X-ray telescopes 03-Apr-2001 X X    
XMM-CCF-REL-68 RGS Offset Values as a Function of Time 2-Apr-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-67 Partial Events Floor for RGS CCD's 30-Mar-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-66 EPIC MOS Bad Pixels 28-Mar-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-65 RGS Line Spread Function 30-Mar-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-64 EPIC MOS Astrometry 19-Feb-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-63 XRT PSF Parameterization for RGS 30-Mar-2001     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-62 EPIC PN energy SCALE 09-Feb-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-61 EPIC PN Bad Pixels 09-Feb-2001   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-60 OM Photometry 15-Feb-2001       X
XMM-CCF-REL-59 OM PSF 31-Jan-2001       X
XMM-CCF-REL-58 EPIC MOS Energy Scale 20-Dec-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-57 EPIC MOS Energy Scale 13-Dec-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-56 EPIC PN Energy Scale 12-Dec-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-55 OM Astrometry 09-Dec-2000   X   X
XMM-CCF-REL-54 EPIC Modes 08-Dec-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-53 EPIC Filter Transmission 05-Dec-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-52 EPIC GTI selection 06-Dec-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-51 RGS1 GTI Selection 28-Nov-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-50 RGS GTI Selection 28-Nov-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-49 EPIC PN Bad pixels 21-Nov-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-48 EPIC Filter Transmission 21-Nov-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-47 EPIC Filter Transmission 15-Nov-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-46 Parameters of RGS LSF 13-Dec-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-45 RGS Cross-Dispersion PSF 13-Dec-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-44 RGS Gain and CTI Parameters 13-Dec-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-43 XRT PSF Parameterization for RGS 13-Dec-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-42 EPIC ASTROMETRY 09-Nov-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-41 EPIC Modes 07-Nov-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-40 EPIC Modes 07-Nov-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-39 EPIC Modes 07-Nov-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-38 EPIC ASTROMETRY 07-Nov-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-37 EPIC ASTROMETRY 03-Nov-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-35 EPIC PN Response Distribution 31-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-34 EPIC Bad pixels 31-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-33 RGS CCD Darkframe 31-Oct-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-32 EPIC Bad pixels 31-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-31 EPIC GTI selection 31-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-30 EPIC Energy Scale 31-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-29 EPIC Pattern Libraries 30-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-28 EPIC PN Response Distribution 13-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-27 EPIC Filter Transmission 06-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-26 Effective area of the X-ray telescopes 05-Oct-2000 X X X  
XMM-CCF-REL-25 EPIC GTI Selection 03-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-24 OM PSF 03-Oct-2000       X
XMM-CCF-REL-23 OM Photometry 03-Oct-2000       X
XMM-CCF-REL-22 OM Lookup Tables 03-Oct-2000       X
XMM-CCF-REL-21 OM GTI Selection 03-Oct-2000       X
XMM-CCF-REL-20 OM Detector Response 03-Oct-2000       X
XMM-CCF-REL-19 OM BAD PIXEL 03-Oct-2000       X
XMM-CCF-REL-18 OM Astrometry 03-Oct-2000       X
XMM-CCF-REL-17 RGS Wavelength Scale 04-Oct-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-16 SciSim Specific CCF's for RGS 08-Sep-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-15 RGS Mode Parameters and Clock Sequence Parameters 08-Sep-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-14 RGS Line Spread Function 04-Oct-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-13 RGS GTI Selection 04-Oct-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-12 RGS Effective Area 04-Oct-2000   X X  
XMM-CCF-REL-11 RGS CCD Properties 04-Oct-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-10 RGS Background Data 08-Sep-2000     X  
XMM-CCF-REL-9 EPIC TIMING 04-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-8 EPIC Spectral Response 03-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-7 EPIC Modes 08-Sep-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-6 EPIC Flatfield 03-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-5 EPIC Energy Scale 03-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-4 EPIC Bad Pixels 03-Oct-2000   X    
XMM-CCF-REL-2 Point Spread Function of the X-ray telescopes 04-Oct-2000 X X    
XMM-CCF-REL-1 Effective area of the X-ray telescopes 04-Oct-2000 X X X