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Summaries of recent status of the calibrations are available;

Look for the Current Calibration File (CCF) and for its Release Notes for further details on the implementation of the calibrations.


Document Reference Title Date Comments
XMM-SOC-CAL-PL-0001 Routine Calibration Plan Jun 2024  
XMM-SOC-CAL-PL-0104 Routine Calibration Implementation Plan 2023-2024 May 2023  
CAL-URD-0001 XMM-Newton Calibration Requirements Jun 2015  
GEN-PL-0005 XMM-Newton Post-Operation Requirements May 2014  
arXiv.1305.4480 Summary of the 2013 IACHEC meeting May 2013 Summary of the inter-calibration status
XMM-PS-GM-20 Calibration Access and Data Handbook May 2011 Detailed description of calibration data files & algorithms for processing ODF's with SAS 11.0. Online Handbook available
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0052 Status of XMM-Newton instruments cross-calibration with SASv7.1 Dec 2010  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0062 Health and cleanliness of the XMM-Newton science payload since launch Aug 2005 SPIE 5898-29
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0061 Crab: the standard X-ray candle with all (modern) X-ray satellites Aug 2005 SPIE 5898-3
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0055 XMM-Newton (cross) calibration SPIE paper 2004 Jun 2004  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0045 Timing accuracy and capabilities of XMM-Newton Feb 2004 Paper on timing capabilities of the diverse XMM-Newton instruments
XMM-CAL-TN-25 Procedures for updating CCF components Aug 2002 CCF release procedure and interaction with SAS CCB 
XMM-SOC-CAL-MIN-0002 Minutes of first Radiation Workshop (29-11-2000 to 1-12-2000) Dec 2000  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0014 Evaluation of Tests of SIAM version 7 during Revolution 185 Dec 2000  


X-Ray Telescopes Specific

Document Reference Title Date Comments
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0054 In-orbit Vignetting Calibrations of XMM-Newton Telescopes Mar 2004  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0029 In flight calibration of the PSF for the PN camera Jun 2002  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0022 In flight calibration of the PSF for the MOS1 and MOS2 cameras Oct 2001  
In-flight vignetting calibration of the MOS cameras Aug 2000 In-orbit verification of the telescope + grating vignetting function. 
(SPIE 2000b)
In-orbit calibration of the XMM-Newton Telescopes Jul 2000 In-orbit calibration status of the X-ray Telescopes. 
SPIE 2000a)
Imaging performance of the XMM-Newton X-ray Telescopes Feb 2000 In-orbit assessment of the X-ray Telescopes PSFs 
(SPIE 1998b)
Calibration of the XMM Flight Mirror Modules - Effective area Jul 1998 Effective area ground calibration of the first X-ray Telescope. 
(SPIE 1998a)
Calibration of the XMM Flight Mirror Modules - Image Quality Jul 1998 PSF ground calibration of the first X-ray Telescope.


European Photon Imaging Camera (EPIC) Specific

Document Reference Title Date Comments
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0220 Status of the EPIC-pn absolute timing capabilities using the Crab pulsar May 2024  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0212 Stability of the EPIC-pn camera May 2024  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0018 EPIC Status of Calibration and Data Analysis Jun 2022 Summary of EPIC calibration status
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0233 On the Rate and Energy-Dependent PHA Correction for EPIC-pn Fast Modes: Column by Column Analysis May 2022  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0230 Empirical correction of the EPIC effective area based on NuSTAR observations Apr 2022  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0227 Accuracy of the recovered flux of extended sources obscured by bad pixels in the central EPIC FOV Feb 2021  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0225 Fitting X-ray Spectral Analysis: Chi-squared vs C-statistics Jul 2020  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0211 Seasonal pulse profile distortions in the EPIC-pn timing observations of the Crab pulsar Nov 2017  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0216 Systematic study of simultaneous observations of AGN by XMM-Newton and NuSTAR Sep 2017 Chapter 4 of 'Broadband Emission Process of Active Galactic Nuclei'
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0215 Correcting XMM-Newton X-ray astronomical observations for photon pile-up Oct 2017 Further pile-up correction tests with simulated data
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0210 Optical loading in the XMM-Newton slew source catalogue Feb 2017  
IASF-Athena-AREMBES-WP1 Radiation Background Data Analysis & Lessons Learned from Previous X-ray Missions Feb 2017  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0214 Correcting for X-ray Pileup in the EPIC pn-CCD camera using simulated Detector Response Matrices Oct 2016 Pile-up correction test with simulated data
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0213 Testing the PN Pileup Correction Method in the Science Analysis Software Oct 2016 Pile-up correction test with real data
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2015, 581, A104 When is pile-up important in the XMM-Newton EPIC cameras? Sep 2015 Characterisation of the effects of pile-up in terms of flux loss and spectral dist ortion
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0083 Spectral calibration accuracy in EPIC-pn fast modes Nov 2014 Aligned to SAS v14.0
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2014, 571, A76 XMM-Newton observations reveal the disappearance of the wind in 4U 1630-47 Nov 2014 Appendix A: Estimate of the systematic uncertainties on the calibration of the EPIC-pn effective area
MNRAS, 2014, 445, 3745 Testing rate-dependent corrections on timing mode EPIC-pn spectra of the accreting neutron star GX 13+1 Oct 2014 Validation of the EPIC-pn Timing Mode RDPHA calibration
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 564, 75 Cross-calibration of the XMM-Newton EPIC pn and MOS on-axis effective areas using 2XMM sources Apr 2014 Aligned to SASv12
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0200 Pile-up thresholds for the EPIC cameras Dec 2013 Aligned to SAS v13.5
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0193 Status of the EPIC thin and medium filters on-board XMM-Newton after more than 10 years of operation: II - analysis of in-flight data Aug 2013  
XMM-SOC-USR-TN-0020 EPIC "calibration+science" exposures: how to deal with them? Jul 2013  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0050 PN X-ray Loading May 2013 Systematic analysis of X-ray loading in EPIC-PN
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0184 Testing epspatialcti on clusters of galaxies Jan 2013  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0096 The stability of the EPIC-pn camera Nov 2012 Based on a regular monitoring of RXJ1856-3754
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0084 Evaluation of pile-up thresholds in the EPIC-MOS cameras Aug 2012 Based on the fraction of diagonal events
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2011, 534, 34 A New Comprehensive 2-D Model of the Point Spread Functions of the XMM-Newton EPIC Telescopes Oct 2011 Description of the PSF ELLBETA model
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0082 Accuracy of energy reconstruction in EPIC-MOS Timing Mode Apr 2009 Aligned to SAS v8.0
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2009, 496, 879 Statistical evaluation of the flux cross-calibration of the XMM-Newton EPIC cameras Mar 2009 Based on 2XMM catalogue sources
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0051 PN Optical Loading Jul 2008 Systematic analysis of optical loading in EPIC-PN
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0073 Bright source X-ray spectroscopy with XMM-Newton: A modified EPIC-pn Timing mode Jun 2007 Performaces and calibration of the Modified Timing Mode
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0069 The XMM-Newton view of the Crab Jul 2006 Guidance for data reduction in EPIC pn-Burst mode
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0068 The EPIC pn-CCD detector aboard XMM-Newton: Status of the background calibration May 2006 Freyberg et al., SPIE 5165-13
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0067 The XMM-Newton EPIC pn Camera: Spectral and temporal properties of the internal background May 2006 Freyberg et al., "New visions of the X-ray Universe" Symposium
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0066 The XMM-Newton EPIC pn Camera: Spatial distribution of the internal background fluorescence lines May 2006 Freyberg et al., "New visions of the X-ray Universe" Symposium
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0064 Effect of soft flares on XMM-Newton EPIC-pn timing mode data Mar 2006 Calibration of a method implemented in the SAS task epreject
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0081 Comparison of EPIC-pn ground-based and in-orbit calibration measurements Jun 2005 Freyberg et al., 2005, MPE Report 288, 159
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0070 Improving XMM-Newton EPIC-pn at low energies: method & application to the Vela SNR Jul 2004 Calibration of a method implemented in the SAS task epreject
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0043 MOS optical loading Nov 2003 Systematic analysis of optical loading in EPIC-MOS
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0036 Assessing the EPIC spectral calibration in the hard band with a 3C 273 observation Mar 2003 Out-of-date. However, it includes a method for pile-up correction
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0022 In flight calibration of the PSF for the MOS1 and MOS2 cameras Oct 2001 MEDIUM PSF calibration
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2001, 365, L27 The European Photon Imaging Camera on XMM-Newton: The MOS cameras Jan 2001 User-level description of the EPIC-MOS camera
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2001, 365, L18 The European Photon Imaging Camera on XMM-Newton: The pn-CCD camera Jan 2001 User-level description of the EPIC-pn camera
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0001 PHS Tools EPIC Optical Loading Nov 2000 Calculation of effects of optical stray light on the EPIC energy scale calibration
XMM-PS-TN-38 Transmission of the RGA - A Simulation with SciSim Oct 2000 Transmission through the RGA to EPIC as a function of energy
In-orbit calibration activities of XMM-Newton EPIC Cameras Aug 2000 Original in-orbit calibration requirements
(EPIC MOS Orsay v1.2)
EPIC MOS Ground Calibration Description Mar 2000 EPIC MOS Ground Calibration Campaign
(EPIC PN Orsay v1.1)
EPIC PNFM1 Ground Calibration at Orsay Mar 2000 EPIC PN Ground Calibration Campaign
EPIC MOS CCD RMF Description Feb 2000 EPIC-MOS RMF Functional Form
EPIC MOS CCD Gain Relation Nov 1999 EPIC-MOS gain correction algorithm

   Background-related documents are available under the Background Analysis portal.
   Presentations held at the EPIC Calibration Meetings can be found here.

Reflection Grating Spectrometer (RGS) Specific

Document Reference Title Date Comments
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0030 Status of the RGS calibration Jul 2023 General user document on calibration status
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0237 RGS Diagnostic Trend Analysis Report - 2023 May 2024 Evolution of system peak and hot pixels
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0234 RGS Diagnostic Trend Analysis Report - 2022 Mar 2023 Evolution of system peak and hot pixels
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0232 RGS Diagnostic Trend Analysis Report - 2021 Apr 2022 Evolution of system peak and hot pixels
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0228 RGS Diagnostic Trend Analysis Report - 2020 Jul 2021 Evolution of system peak and hot pixels
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0219 Effective Area Calibration of the RGS Jun 2018 Time and wavelength dependent correction to the RGS Effective Area
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0209 RGS Diagnostic Trend Analysis Report - 2015 - 2016 Jan 2017 Evolution of system peak and hot pixels
A&A, 2015, 573, p.128 Calibration and in-orbit performance of the Reflection Grating Spectrometer onboard XMM-Newton Jan 2015  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0192 Wavelength control of bad surface features in the RGS Aug 2013 Avoiding instrumental features at specific wavelengths
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0098 The accuracy of the RGS Wavelength Scale Apr 2012  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0089 An investigation into RGS-pn rectification May 2010 Assessment of the differences between RGS and EPIC-pn spectral models
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0086 RGS small window mode Jun 2010 Pile-up mitigation in RGS Small Window mode
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0159 Stability of the RGS effective area Jan 2010 Contamination model
A&A, 2009, 497, p.291 Effective area calibration of the Reflection Grating Spectrometers of XMM-Newton. I. X-ray spectroscopy of the Crab nebula Apr 2009  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0079 The RGS Wavelength scale Jul 2008 A survey of lines in coronal sources for the RGS wavelength scale;
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0075 Pile-up in RGS spectra Sep 2007 How to identify pile-up in RGS spectra
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0058 Templates for the RGS Background Nov 2004 Synthesising RGS model backgrounds from blank fields especially for extended sources
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0046 System Offsets using diagnostics images Aug 2003 Pixel-by-pixel offsets
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0150 Dithering RGS observations Aug 2003 RGS Multi-pointing mode
A&A, 2003, 404, p.959 The interstellar oxygen-K absorption edge as observed by XMM-Newton. Separation of instrumental and interstellar components Jun 2003  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0149 Monitoring RGS contamination May 2003  
A&A, 2001,365, p.7 The Reflection Grating Spectrometer on board XMM-Newton Jan 2001 User-level description of the RGS

See also the web page at SRON for more documents.

Optical Monitor (OM) Specific

Document Reference Title Date Comments
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0019 XMM-Newton Optical and UV Monitor (OM) Calibration Status Sep 2023 Status of calibrations
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0224 Centring, drift and oscillation issues in OM fast mode observations. Jul 2020  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0222 Update of the Correction for the Time Dependent Sensitivity Degradation of the Optical Monitor grisms. Apr 2020  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0218 Time Dependent Sensitivity Degradation of the Optical Monitor (OM) grisms Apr 2018  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0207 Time Dependent Sensitivity Degradation Correction for the Optical Monitor (OM) Mar 2017  
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0033 Calibration Observations using OM  Apr 2005 List of observations 
XMM-SOC-CAL-TN-0015 Photometric Accuracy of the Optical Monitor  Jan 2001  
(OM A&A)
OM Instrument Paper Nov 2000 OM instrument paper with inflight performance and status of calibration