XMM-Newton Radiation Monitor Time Correlated Files


The XMM-Newton SOC is generating sets of time correlated Radiation Monitor Data along with orbit data in FITS format. This set of data is planned to become part of the XMM-Newton Science Archive (XSA). In the meantime, the data is made available via this dedicated web page.
The Radiation Monitor data are raw (non calibrated) data gathered by the XMM-Newton EPIC Radiation Monitor (ERM) experiment. You can find a technical description of the ERM here.

What are the Radiation Monitor Time Correlated Files?

For each XMM-Newton revolution there will be a a compressed tarball file (radmon_RRRR.tar.gz) containing the following information:

  1. Up to 4 files containing the Radiation Monitor data gathered during the revolution RRRR. These ERM files have table columns as described in the XMM-Newton Data Files Handbook, section 4.1.9, but in addition have been time correlated with the available Fitted Time Correlation data (see Sect. of the XMM-Newton Datafiles Handbook).
    The files are named: Appendix A
    • RRRR_SPED_EME.FIT where
      • RRRR = revolution number
      • SPED = Speed (FAST or SLOW)
      • EME = Mode (ESE for Spectra mode or ECE for Counting mode)
    • For instance: 1278_FAST_ESE.FIT, 0679_SLOW_ECE.FIT, ...
      The Radiation Monitor files contain, in addition to the standard XMM-Newton time column, extra columns providing the correlated time in UT and MJD formats (see of the Data Files Handbook for details on the time systems).
  2. RRRR_orbit.FIT This file is the result of the SAS orbit task executed with a sample interval of 1 sec and making use of the Reconstructed Orbit (not the Predicted Orbit) data.
  3. RTX_RRRR_VVVV.FIT This file is the Fitted Time Correlation file for revolution RRRR (VVVV indicating the file version). It has been used to correlate the Radiation Monitor data frame counter with time.
  4. Raw Attitude File (RAF) RRRR_VVVV.RAF.tgz This (compressed ASCII) file contains the Raw Attitude for the given revolution. The format of this file is described here

Available data

The data is organized in revolution ranges (100 revs per page) that can be accessed here
In case of a revolution where no Radiation Monitor data is available or the corresponding Time Correlation (TCX) file could not be produced, there is no data pack. The revolutions for which currently no TCX is available are listed here.
In case of a revolution where no Raw Attitude file is available, the radiation Monitor data pack is available, but without this file. Revolutions for which no attitude data is available are listed here.

In case of any doubts or further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact the SOC via the XMM-Newton HelpDesk.