XMM-Newton News Archive - Year 2009

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AO9 Results 15-Dec-2009:
XMM-Newton AO-9 OTAC Results
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xmm-10-year 09-Dec-2009:
XMM-Newton 10th Anniversary - 10th December 2009
XMM-Newton is celebrating its 10th anniversary. On the 10th of December 1999 at 14:32 GMT the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton observatory was launched and started exploring the wonders of the X-ray universe.
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RPS 03-Sep-2009:
XMM-Newton uncovers a celestial Rosetta stone
Astronomers have uncovered the first close-up of a white dwarf star, circling a companion star, that could explode into a particular kind of supernova in a few million years.
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RPS 25-Aug-2009:
XMM-Newton 9th Announcement of Opportunity (AO-9)
The XMM-Newton Ninth Announcement of Opportunity is now open and observing proposals may be submitted.
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Magnetar 03-Jul-2009:
XMM-Newton discovers a new class of black holes
Astronomers using ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray observatory have discovered a black hole weighing more than 500 solar masses, a missing link between lighter stellar-mass and heavier supermassive black holes, in a distant galaxy.
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Magnetar 22-Jun-2009:
Giant eruption reveals 'dead' star
An enormous eruption has found its way to Earth after travelling for many thousands of years across space.
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Supermassive black hole 27-May-2009:
XMM-Newton takes astronomers to a black hole's edge
Using new data from ESA's XMM-Newton spaceborne observatory, astronomers have probed closer than ever to a supermassive black hole lying deep at the core of a distant active galaxy.
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M82 08-Apr-2009:
XMM-Newton exclusive photo: Messier 82
XMM-Newton has carried out an exclusive observation of the galaxy Messier 82, for the ‘100 Hours of Astronomy' cornerstone project for the International Year of Astronomy 2009.
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IYA 2009 01-Apr-2009:
Join ESA's XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL observatories in the 'Around the World in 80 Telescopes' webcast
On 3 April 2009 ESA astronomers will take part in a unique live webcast, 'Around the world in 80 telescopes'. During the webcast viewers will visit astronomers at observatories and research institutes around the world
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XMM-Newton 17-Feb-2009:
2000 publications: another milestone for XMM-Newton
The XMM-Newton mission passes another milestone this month with the publication of its 2000th scientific paper in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
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XMM-Newton 13-Jan-2009:
XMM-Newton measures speedy spin of rare celestial object
XMM-Newton has caught the fading glow of a tiny celestial object, revealing its rotation rate for the first time.
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