SAS Download


The Tables shown below list the different Operating System builds released for SAS 16.1.0. All these builds were made using version 6.2.0 of the GNU C/C++ and GNU Fortran compilers on 64-bit Intel CPUs regardless of the version of these compilers installed natively. Perl tasks were built using Perl 5.22.2.

The SAS is distributed only in binary form. Currently we do not provide any support on building SAS from source code.

Before downloading any of the released builds please consider the following tips to help you choose the most suitable for your system:

  • On Linux, the build on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.8 can be used successfully on any other Linux distribution.
  • For the latest Linux distributions, for example Ubuntu 17.10 and Fedora 27, we recommend to install the build made on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS. For the latest OpenSUSE Leap 43.2, still based on GLIBC 2.22, please use the build on RHEL6.8​.
  • On Mac OS X, the builds on Sierra (Mac OS X 10.12.n) and El Capitan (Mac OS X 10.11.n) should be used only on these specific versions.
  • For any of the builds on Mac OS X, before running SAS 16.1.0, please perform a standard Operating System software update. This will align your OS version with the one used to build the SAS, usually the latest available from Apple. This update is specially important for the XQuartz software which is not part of the Mac OS X software and must be updated independently (please look at the requirements page) for details).

When running Perl tasks and to avoid run-time incompatibilities, we recommend to install Perl 5.22.2 that is the version used to build SAS 16.1.0. For more details on how to do this please look at the requirements page.


To download the build of your choice, please click on the link provided in the column File to download on the Tables below. Just before being addressed to our ftp server to get the selected file, you will be kindly requested to fill in a short questionnaire that will help us to collect valuable statistics on current and future needs about the SAS.

Linux 64-bit (x86_64)

Build on Kernel version libc version File to download
RHEL6.8 2.6.32 2.12 sas_16.1.0-RHEL6.8-64.tgz
Ubuntu16.04.1LTS 4.4.0 2.23 sas_16.1.0-Ubuntu16.04-64.tgz

Mac OS X 64-bit (x86_64)

Build on Kernel version libSystem version File to download
10.11.6 or El Capitan (Darwin 15.6.0) Darwin 15.6.0 1226.10.1 sas_16.1.0-Darwin-15.6.0-64.tgz
10.12.6 or Sierra (Darwin 16.7.0) Darwin 16.7.0 1238.60.2 sas_16.1.0-Darwin-16.7.0-64.tgz

Virtual Machine for SAS 16.1.0 (VM4SAS16.1)

Host OS File to download
Ubuntu 16.04.1 64-bit VM4SAS16.1-64.7z (6.5 GByte)