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Coding languages

The SAS is coded in C++, Fortran 95, Perl and Python. SAS 21.0 was built on GNU C/C++/Fortran 11.3.0 on 64-bit Intel CPUs, both Linux and macOS, regardless of the compiler version provided natively with the Operating System.

SAS Perl tasks were built on Perl 5.34.1 which required the installation of some additional modules not included in the Perl 5.34.1 source code (for more details look at the requirements page).

SAS Python tasks were built on Python 3.10.6 together with some additional Python packages (for a list of these packages and full details on the SAS Python environment, please look at the requirements page).

For the time being, the SAS is distributed only in binary form. We do not provide yet any support on building the SAS from source code.

Which SAS should I take?

The first column of the Table 1 shown in the next section of this page lists the SAS products distributed in this release: Three builds on different Linux flavours, two on macOS, the Linux VM for SAS and a Docker image. Before downloading any of the packages shown in that Table 1, please consider the following tips to help you choose the most suitable for you:

  • The packages built on Ubuntu 20.04LTS and Ubuntu 22.04LTS were compiled with gcc v11.3.0 and using heasoft v6.30
  • The package built on CentOS 7.3 was compiled with gcc v9.2.0 and using heasoft v6.29
  • The package built on Ubuntu 18.04LTS was compiled wth gcc v9.2.0 and using heasoft v6.30
  • The packages built on macOS 12.6 (Monterey). The package built on macOS 12.6 (Monterey) can be used on macOS 11.6 (BigSur) and Macs based on both the Intel and the new Apple M1 processor.
  • The Virtual Machine package VM4SAS21.0 might be the best choice if you do not have access to a Linux or a macOS system, e.g. you have a laptop running Windows. But even having such systems at hand, VM4SAS21.0 includes all what you need to work with SAS without having to install anything (for more details look at the VM installation page).
  • The package docker4sas might be your best option to run any SAS specific task on any OS, the same way you do with any other application, without the complication of running the complete VM4SAS. Such granularity is the key advantage of running a SAS task in a Docker container over running it on a Virtual Machine. This is the first release of SAS including such a package. Full details on how the SAS Docker image was built, how to install and use it can be found in the Docker for SAS page.
  • If you are a fan of Microsoft Windows and want to use SAS on it without having to install neither the VM4SAS21.0 nor the Docker for SAS products, now, thanks to the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2), you can do it. Full details on how to install WSL 2 on Windows and run SAS 21.0.0 on it can be found in the WSL 2 page.


To download the product of your choice, please click on the link provided in the column File to download on the Table 1. Just before being redirected to our ftp server to get the file selected, you will be kindly requested to fill in a short survey that will help us to collect valuable statistics on current and future needs about the SAS.

Table 1.- SAS 21.0 downloadable products
Build/Product Kernel version libc version File to download
Linux Ubuntu22.04LTS 5.15.0 2.35 sas_21.0.0-Ubuntu22.04.tgz
Linux Red Hat 8.6 4.18.0 2.28 sas_21.0.0-RHEL8.6.tgz
Linux Ubuntu20.04LTS 5.15.0 2.31 sas_21.0.0-Ubuntu20.04.tgz
Linux Ubuntu18.04LTS 4.15.0 2.27 sas_21.0.0-Ubuntu18.04.tgz
Linux Centos7.3 3.10.0 2.17 sas_21.0.0-CentOS7.3.tgz
macOS 12.6 or Monterey (Darwin 21.6.0) Darwin 21.6.0 1311.120.1 sas_21.0.0-macOS-12.6.tgz
VM4SAS21.0 (Linux Ubuntu 22.04LTS Virtual Machine for VMWare) 5.15.0 2.35
docker4sas:sas_21_0 (SAS Docker Image based on Linux Ubuntu22.04LTS) 5.15.0 2.35 sas_21_0_docker.tar.gz