How to use SAS

Users Guide to the XMM-Newton SAS
The official XMM-Newton SAS User Guide on-line, PDF version and Postscript version

SAS Watchout Page
Issues concerning SAS and data analysis, recommended workarounds/solutions, useful tricks and tips
SAS on-line documentation
Documentation of all single SAS packages
SAS Cookbook
An introduction to XMM-Newton data analysis - from NASA XMM-GOF
Background Analysis
XMM-Newton pages dedicated to background analysis of all XMM-Newton instruments

ESAS Cookbook
Cookbook for data analysis of extended sources using ESAS in SAS, (on-line and PDF) from NASA XMM-GOF.
ESAS warnings and watchouts from NASA XMM-GOF.

SAS Inverse Index
The SAS Inverse Index has been designed to provide the list of SAS tasks needed to be executed in order to perform a given scientific analysis job