XMM-Newton Calibration Portal

This page gives the necessary calibration information for all XMM-Newton instruments (EPIC, RGS, OM) in order that a proper data reduction may be undertaken.

Which files do I need to analyse my XMM-Newton-data with the newest available calibration? What is the current status of the calibration? Where do I get high level information on details of the calibration?
EPIC Response Files EPIC Calibration Status (pdf) EPIC Calibration Documentation
RGS Response Files RGS Calibration Status (pdf) RGS Calibration Documentation
OM Response Files OM Calibration Status (pdf) OM Calibration Documentation
  Cross-Calibration Status XRT Calibration Documentation
Current Calibration Files CCF Release Notes General Calibration Documentation


International Consortium for High-Energy Cross-calibration (IACHEC)

The IACHEC aims to provide standards for high energy calibration and supervise cross calibration between different missions. This goal is reached through working groups, where IACHEC members cooperate to define calibration standards and procedures. The scope of these groups is primarily a practical one: a set of data and results (eventually published on refereed journals) will be the outcome of a coordinated and standardized analysis of references sources ("high-energy standard candles"). Past, present and future high-energy mission can use these results as a calibration reference. For more information, please consult the IACHEC web pages.

Calibration Mailing List & Archives

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