"The X-ray Universe 2014" Symposium

The X-ray Universe 2014
Dublin, Ireland, 16 - 19 June 2014

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All contributions are listed with title and name of first author. All abstracts and electronic materials, if available, are also stored in the ADS. The electronic versions can be accessed in pdf format by clicking on the titles. Other formats, if provided by the authors, are accessible via links in brackets at the end of each line.



Stars and Star-forming Regions, Solar System Studies

Invited Talks
X-ray emission of hot massive stars, Lidia Oskinova

X-rays from low and intermediate mass stars, Jan Robrade

Contributed Talks
XMM-Newton view of eight young open star clusters, Himali Bhatt (ppt)

Accretion shocks in young stars: the role of local absorption on the X-ray emission, Rosaria Bonito

Solar system X-rays: What we know and what we are looking for, Graziella Branduardi-Raymont

Puzzling fluorescent emission from Orion, Stefan Czesla

Hot-subdwarf stars: a new class of X-ray sources, Nicola La Palombara

On the X-ray variability of HD 150136, Jean-Christophe Leyder

The X-ray properties of lambda Cep, a true twin of zeta Pup?, Gregor Rauw

Accretion impacts studied on the Sun, Fabio Reale

X-ray studies of circumstellar material around classical T Tauri stars, Christian Schneider

X-ray survey of the Chamaleon I star forming region, Juan Facundo Albacete-Colombo

Ionization-Gasdynamics Modelling, and X-ray Spectral Calculations, of Wind-Bubbles around Massive Stars, Vikram Dwarkadas

Magnetic coronae and circumstellar disks - new insights from the Coordinated Synoptic Investigation of NGC2264 (CSI-NGC2264), Ettore Flaccomio

X-ray emission of the young stellar population of the Orion B molecular cloud, Miguel Angel Lopez-Garcia

A study of HD 161103: new pieces to the puzzle of gamma Cassiopeiae-like stars, Evandro Martinez Ribeiro

The X-ray bright massive stars in Cyg OB2, Yael Naze

X-ray emission from magnetic massive stars, Yael Naze

Modeling the non-thermal emission from bowshocks produced by runaway stars, Victor Pereira

The frequency of stellar X-ray flares from a large-scale XMM-Newton sample, John Pye

X-raying the winds of the evolved massive binary HDE228766, Gregor Rauw

The X-ray emission of the massive stars population in Cyg OB2, Gregor Rauw

The stellar population in the XMM-Newton slew survey, Beate Stelzer

X-rays from Magnetically Confined Wind Shocks: Effect of Cooling-Regulated Shock Retreat, Asif ud-Doula


Interacting Binary Systems, Galactic Black Holes, Micro-quasars

Invited Talks
Swings between accretion and rotation power in binary millisecond pulsars, Alessandro Papitto

Models of X-ray emission from black-hole binaries, Andrzej Zdziarski

Contributed Talks
Predicting Jets in Cygnus X-2, Monika Balucinska-Church

Luminous Supersoft X-ray sources: RXJ0527, RXJ0513.9-6951, RXJ0537 and XMMUJ0520, Monmoyuri Baruah

The tormented quiescence of the low mass X-ray binaries Cen X-4 and V404 Cyg, Federico Bernardini

Low frequency QPOs and Variable Broad Iron line from LMC X-1, Gulab Dewangan

Probing black hole disk atmospheres in X-rays and UV: XMM and HST-COS observations of 4U 1957+11, Victoria Grinberg

Power Colours: Easy power spectral comparison, Lucy Heil

X-ray binaries in the Local Universe, Tana Joseph

The radio-quiet nature of Swift J1753-0127, Mari Kolehmainen

X-ray diagnostics of chemical composition of the accretion disk and donor star in UCXBs II: XMM-Newton observations, Filippos Koliopanos

Unsupervised spectral decomposition of X-ray spectra from galactic black hole X-ray binary GX 339-4, Karri Koljonen

The Galactic bulge as seen by INTEGRAL: it never looks the same, Erik Kuulkers

INTEGRAL view of LS I +61 303 in orbital/superorbital phase space, Jian Li

The feedback of type-I bursts to the corona and the accretion process in X-ray binaries, Jian Li

The OmegaWhite Survey for Ultracompact Binaries, Sally Macfarlane

Timing variability of Vela X-1 during a bright flare, Antonio Martin-Carrillo (key)

Optical observations of the transiently accreting radio pulsar binary PSR J1023+0038, Owen McConnell

Quasi-Periodic Oscillations: Energy Dependent Time-lags, Ranjeev Misra

Multi-scale virtual view on the precessing jet SS433, Remi Monceau-Baroux

Spectroscopic evidences for a low-mass black hole in SWIFT J1753.5-0127, Vitaly Neustroev

Revealing accretion onto black holes through X-ray reflection, Daniel Plant

The 100-month Swift Catalogue of Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients, Patrizia Romano

Millihertz to hectohertz variability in low mass X-ray binaries as seen by XMM-Newton, Holger Stiele

Irradiated accretion discs in ultraluminous X-ray sources, Andrew Sutton

Exploring the formation of binary systems of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources, Luca Zampieri

A Unified Model of Low Mass X-ray Binaries, Monika Balucinska-Church

Multi-component high-energy emission from gamma-ray binary LS 5039, Maria Chernyakova

Modeling the heartbeat state in the microquasar IGR J17091-3624, Mikolaj Grzedzielski

A Deep Census of Low-Luminosity X-ray Sources in Globular Cluster w Cen, Simon Henleywillis

Accretion influences cooling of neutron star atmospheres during type-I X-ray bursts, Jari J.E. Kajava

The multicolour optical monitoring of the High Mass X-ray Binary CI Cam/XTE J0421+560, Tatiana Konstsntinova

Eighteen years of the life of the Be/X-ray binary XMMU J054134.7-682550, Raimundo Lopes de Oliveira

Suzaku observations of ultraluminous X-ray sources in nearby galaxies, Wasutep Luangtip

Gemini H-band spectroscopy of the Galactic microquasar GRS 1915+105, Owen McConnell

Geometrical constraints on the origin of timing signals from black holes, Sara Elisa Motta

4U1700+24: a puzzling symbiotic, Achille Nucita

Searching for Gamma-Ray Binaries using the Fermi Second Source Catalog, Liam O'Shaughnessy

FABADA: Fitting Algorithm for Bayesian Analysis of DAta, Luis Carlos Pardo

Probing the Geometry of the Comptonizing Coronae of Neutron Star LMXBs, Zhongli Zhang

New Results on Time lags of quasi-periodic oscillations in the low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1636-53, Marcio de Avellar


Cataclysmic Variables and Novae

Invited Talks
High-energy observations of novae, Julian Osborne

Contributed Talks
Soft Fourier time lags observed in the dwarf nova SS Cyg, Ester Aranzana

Dwarf Novae of the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey, Deanne Coppejans

Novae as supersoft X-ray sources in the Andromeda galaxy, Martin Henze

V2487 Oph 1998: a puzzling recurrent nova observed with XMM-Newton, Margarita Hernanz

Classical and Recurrent Novae as Quintessential Panchromatic Transients, Koji Mukai

Transient short-period oscillations in Super Soft Sources, Jan-Uwe Ness (odp)

X-ray Grating Spectra of Classical and Recurrent Novae, Marina Orio

The space density of magnetic and non-magnetic cataclysmic variables, and implications for CV evolution, Magaretha Pretorius

The grating spectra of the SSS classical novae V5116 Sgr and V5115 Sgr, Gloria Sala

Timing HU Aqr, Axel Schwope

X-ray properties of hard X-ray Cataclysmic Variables, Domitilla de Martino

Model atmospheres for Novae in the SSS phase, Daniel R. van Rossum

Pre-outburst Chandra Observation of the Recurrent Nova T Pyxidis in Quiescence, Solen Balman

On Different Absorption Components in the X-ray Spectra of the Intermediate Polar Systems, Solen Balman

Constraints on QPOs in accreting magnetic white dwarfs from XMM observations and simulations, Jean-Marc Bonnet-Bidaud

Early X-ray emission from novae: The case of the symbiotic recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi, Laura Delgado

Suzaku observations of the peculiar cataclysmic variable FS Aurigae, Vitaly Neustroev

Multi-Observation Identification for Studying the Evolution of Spin-up line, Ali Taani

CV Science with Athena: A case study of AM Herculis, Iris Traulsen

A Systematic X-ray Study of Dwarf Novae with Suzaku, Qazuya Wada

X-ray observations of VY Scl-type nova-like binaries in the high and low state, Polina Zemko


Isolated Neutron Stars and Pulsars

Invited Talks
Magnetars: unique laboratories to study the physics of ultra-magnetized objects, Nanda Rea

Contributed Talks
Thermal properties of three Fermi pulsars, Andrey Danilenko

Spectral analysis of the Double Pulsar PSR J0737-3039 with XMM-Newton, Elise Egron (key)

The magnetic spectrum of X-ray pulsars, Carlo Ferrigno

NuSTAR pulsar discoveries: SGR J1745-2900 near the Galactic Center and PSR J1640- 4631 associated with HESS J1640-465, Eric Gotthelf

Constraining parameters of the neutron star in the supernova remnant HESS J1731-347, Dmitry Klochkov

X-ray observations of radio-quiet black widow-type millisecond pulsars, Albert Kong

The most magnificent of the seven? A candidate spin and spin down for RX J1605.3+3249, Adriana Mancini Pires

The X-ray timing behaviour of gamma-ray pulsars, Martino Marelli

X-ray tails powered by gamma-ray pulsars, David Salvetti

X-ray observations of Fermi LAT gamma-ray pulsars and pulsar candidates, Pablo Saz Parkinson

Measuring the strongest magnetic fields in the Universe, Andrea Tiengo

XMM-Newton observations of SNR G350.0-2.0, Dima Zyuzin


Planetary Nebulae, SN, SNR, PWN, Gamma-ray Bursts and Afterglows

Invited Talks
The X-ray afterglows of Gamma-Ray Bursts, Darach Watson (key)

Contributed Talks
The X-ray Lightcurves of Young Supernovae, and Implications for the Supernova Progenitors, Vikram Dwarkadas

Gamma Ray Bursts from Binary Black Holes, Agnieszka Janiuk (odp, ppt)

XMM-Newton observations of 30 Dor C in the Large Magellanic Cloud, Patrick Kavanagh (key)

Synchrotron X-ray radiation in highly turbulent fields, Dmitry Khangulyan

Shock-cloud interaction in the southwestern limb of SN 1006, observations and models, Marco Miceli (pptx)

Three-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling of SN 1987A from the supernova explosion till the Athena+ era, Salvatore Orlando

Supernova remnant candidates in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey, Tobias Prinz (pptx)

New findings on the X-ray emission from Wolf-Rayet nebulae, J.A. Toala

A Deep Chandra Observation of SN 1006, Brian Williams (key)

SN 1993J - The X-ray Story of a Supernova Slowly Transitioning to a Remnant, Vikram Dwarkadas

Nucleosynthesis of elements in the outflows from gamma ray bursts, Agnieszka Janiuk

Constraints on the rate of particle acceleration using late X-ray observations of GRB afterglows, Antonio Martin-Carrillo

Filling the gap between supernova explosions and their remnants: the Cassiopeia A laboratory, Salvatore Orlando

An Archival X-ray Study of the Large Magellanic Cloud Supernova Remnant N132D, Paul Plucinsky

XMM-Newton observations of the newly confirmed X-ray supernova remnants 1RXS J053353.6-720404 and [HP99] 1139 in the Large Magellanic Cloud, E.T Whelan


Galaxies, Galaxy Surveys, Population Studies, ISM and Diffuse Galactic Emission

Invited Talks
The XMM-Newton survey of the Large (and Small) Magellanic Cloud, Frank Haberl

Contributed Talks
A Search for Periodicities from a ULX in the LINER Galaxy NGC 4736, Aysun Akyuz

The second ROSAT All-Sky Survey source catalogue: the deepest X-ray All-Sky Survey before eROSITA, Thomas Boller

The X-ray Evolution of Young Post-Merger Galaxies, Nicola Brassington (ppt)

X-rays as a tool to reveal the interstellar dust chemistry, Elisa Costantini

Abundance patterns in the Interstellar Medium of early-type galaxies observed with Suzaku, Saori Konami

Discovering Rare AGN with Stripe 82X, Stephanie LaMassa

Direct Constraints on the Evolution of LMXBs from Deep Chandra and HST Observations of Nearby Early-Type Galaxies, Bret Lehmer (key)

A deficit of ultraluminous X-ray sources in luminous infrared galaxies, Wasutep Luangtip

New X-ray lights on the supernova remnant population of the Large Magellanic Cloud, Pierre Maggi

The Warm-hot Gaseous Halo of the Milky Way, Smita Mathur (ppt)

A thin diffuse component of the Galactic Ridge X-ray emission contributed by the radiation of Galactic X-ray binaries, Margherita Molaro

Superbubbles in the Large Magellanic Cloud, Manami Sasaki

The diffuse X-ray emission of the Small Magellanic Cloud, Richard Sturm

Low-luminosity X-ray sources and the Galactic ridge X-ray emission, Robert Warwick

Hot gas and the magnetic arms of NGC 6946, Marek Wezgowiec

Populations of accreting, nuclear-burning white dwarfs and the origin of type Ia supernovae, Tyrone E Woods

The deep census of the X-ray source populations in the Small Magellanic Cloud, Andreas Zezas

A search for hyperluminous X-ray sources in the XMM-Newton source catalog, Ivan Zolotukhin

XMM-Newton study of the interacting galaxies NGC1512 and NGC1510, Lorenzo Ducci

A new X-ray Absorption Model for the Interstellar Medium, Efrain Gatuzz

A Hard X-ray View of Starburst Galaxies with NuSTAR, Bret Lehmer

Dwarf spheroidal galaxies in X-rays, Luigi Manni

The ARCHES project, Christian Motch

Infrared identification of hard X-ray sources in the Galaxy, Ada Nebot

Half-megasecond Chandra Spectral Imaging of the Hot Circumgalactic Nebula around Quasar Markarian 231, Stacy Teng

XCHANGES: XMM-Newton data on CHANG-ES spiral galaxies, Marek Wezgowiec

Investigating dense interstellar environments in the X-rays, Sascha Zeegers

Constraining X-ray binary formation and evolution parameters, Andreas Zezas


Active Galactic Nuclei

Invited Talks
An Overview of Some Recent Results in the Galactic Center, Frederick Baganoff (ppt)

Tidal disruption events, Andrew Levan

Recent results on the X-ray emission of radio-quiet AGN, Giorgio Matt

Relativistic Astrophysics in Active Galactic Nuclei, Christopher Reynolds (pptx)

Reflection from the Strong Gravity Regime in a Lensed Quasar at z=0.658, Mark Reynolds

X-ray time lags and reverberation from accreting black holes, Phil Uttley (pptx)

Contributed Talks
ESO 362-G18: black hole spin and the size of the X-ray emitting region, Beatriz Agis Gonzalez (key)

Modeling Active Galactic Nuclei in Cosmological Simulations, Lisa Karin Bachmann

A new cosmological distance measure using AGN X-ray variability, Stefano Bianchi (pptx)

Origin of the high energy emission from the Galactic Center, Maria Chernyakova

Absorption at the Dust Sublimation Radius and the Dichotomy Between X-ray and Optical Classification in the Seyfert Galaxy H0557-385, Damien Coffey

The X-ray view of the gamma-ray emitting narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies, Filippo D'Ammando

Simultaneous UV/X-ray observation of the Seyfert 1 galaxy 1H 0419-577, Laura Di Gesu

Relativistic reflection from accretion disc ionised due to illumination from on-axis compact corona, Michal Dovciak

Origin of the Seemingly Broad Iron-Line Spectral Feature in Seyfert Galaxies, Ken Ebisawa (pptx)

Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548: long-term variability of the warm absorber, Jacobo Ebrero

Distant and disk reflection in the average X-ray spectrum of AGN in the Véron-Cetty-Véron catalogue, Serena Falocco

Active galactic nuclei synapses: X-ray versus optical classifications using artificial neural networks, Omaira Gonzalez-Martin

Discovery of Relativistic Outflows in the Seyfert Galaxies Ark 564 and Mrk 590, Anjali Gupta (pptx)

Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548: Discovery of a fast and massive outflow, Jelle Kaastra (pptx)

Tidal Disruption Events (TDEs) as Probes of Single and Binary SMBHs, S. Komossa

Ernie and Bert in the Radio: The TANAMI view of the IceCube PeV Neutrino events, Felicia Krauss

More massive SMBHs reside in more massive dark matter halos, Mirko Krumpe

Warm Absorbers in X-rays (WAX), a comprehensive high resolution grating spectral study of a sample of Seyfert galaxies, Sibasish Laha

Hard X-ray Properties of Water Maser Galaxies, Eugenia Litzinger

Hard X-Ray Time Lags from a Seyfert 2, Andrew Lobban

The Extreme X-ray/UV Flux Dips in Fairall 9, Anne Lohfink

Relativistic iron K alpha line detection in the Suzaku spectra of IC4329a, Giulia Mantovani (key)

Revealing the coronal properties of Seyfert galaxies with NuSTAR, Andrea Marinucci

First Statistical Tests for Clumpy Tori Models: Constraints from RXTE monitoring of Seyfert AGN, Alex Markowitz

Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548: tracking long-term evolution of a new massive outflow with Swift, Missagh Mehdipour

Using Doppler Tomography to constrain the spin of a low mass AGN, Matthew Middleton

Radio-loud AGN through the eyes of 3XMM, WISE and FIRST/NVSS, Beatriz Mingo

The X-ray continuum and soft excess emitting region sizes from occultation events, Giovanni Miniutti

The New Spectral Picture of Seyfert 1 AGNs, Katsuma Miyake

The Compact Symmetric Radio Structure of the Peculiar Gamma-Ray Source PMN J1603-4904, Cornelia Mueller

Understanding X-ray Spectral and Timing Characteristics of Active Galactic Nuclei by a Novel Picture with Multiple Primary Emission, Hirofumi Noda

The energy dependence of the AGN X-ray power spectra, Iossif Papadakis

Principal Component Analysis: Revealing AGN spectral variability, Michael Parker

New insights into optically elusive AGN, Estelle Pons (pptx)

The XMM-Newton view of the Central degree of the Galaxy, Gabriele Ponti

Revealing Massive Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies with X-rays, Amy Reines

Probing the unification of AGN using the narrow Fe Kalpha line, Claudio Ricci

A wide search for obscured Active Galactic Nuclei using XMM-Newton and WISE, Emmanouil Rovilos

X-ray wind variability in ESO 323-G077, Mario Sanfrutos

Investigating an extreme transient AGN from the XMM-Newton slew survey, Richard Saxton

AGNs in Dwarf Galaxies? Evidence from WISE and XMM-Newton, Nathan Secrest (pptx)

On the origin of X-ray spectra in luminous blazars, Marek Sikora

Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548: A twin of NGC 4151?, Katrien C. Steenbrugge

XMM-Newton and AKARI Selection of Obscured AGNs, Yuichi Terashima

The importance of nuclear winds in shaping the X-ray properties of AGN, Tracey Jane Turner

Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548: the XMM/NuSTAR/INTEGRAL view, Francesco Ursini

The 58-month BAT AGN catalogue: results from the Northern Galactic Cap, Ranjan Vasudevan

NuSTAR and XMM-Newton Observations of NGC 1365: Extreme Absorption Variability and a Constant Inner Disc, Dominic Walton (pptx)

Clustering of moderate luminosity X-ray selected Type 1 and Type 2 AGNs in COSMOS, Viola Allevato

Towards A Complete Census of Compton-thick AGN and N_H Distribution in the Local Universe, Adlyka Annuar

On the cosmological bias of the excess variance as a variability estimator, Marco Antonucci

Probing the X-ray absorber structure in the AGN population through fast spectral variability, Lucia Ballo

A Variable-Density Absorption Event in NGC 3227 mapped with Suzaku and Swift, Tobias Beuchert

A hard X-ray view of the soft-excess in AGN, Rozenn Boissay

Evolution and Geometry of obscured AGN: Bayesian model selection for X-ray spectra, Johannes Buchner

Long Term X-ray Spectral Variability of PDS 456 with Suzaku, XMM-Newton and NuSTAR, Michele Costa

Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548: the short-term variability, Laura Di Gesu

X-ray polarization in the lamp-post model of non-smooth black-hole accretion discs, Michal Dovciak

Constraining physical parameters of ultra-fast outflows in PDS 456 with Monte Carlo simulations, Kouichi Hagino

X-ray spectral variability of LINERs selected from the Palomar sample, Lorena Hernandez-Garcia

CANDELS/GOODS-S, CDFS, ECDFS: Photometric Redshifts For X-Ray Detected AGNs, Li-Ting Hsu

VERITAS observations and spectral energy distribution of H~1426+428 BL Lac, Yerbol Khassen

The X-ray view of the gamma-NLS1 galaxy PKS 2004-447, Annika Kreikenbohm

A Hard X-Ray Survey of Radio-Selected Blazars, Marcus Langejahn

Heavily Obscured AGN in the XMM-COSMOS survey, Giorgio Lanzuisi

The X-Ray Emission of Water Maser and Non-Maser Galaxies, Katharina Leiter

X-ray spectroscopic study of the largest X-ray selected spectroscopic AGN sample in the XMM-XXL north, Zhu Liu

The story of Seyfert galaxy RE J2248-511: from intriguingly ultrasoft to unremarkably average, Andrew Lobban

Broad Line Radio Galaxies with NuSTAR, Anne Lohfink

Short term X-ray spectral variability of the strong iron-k absorption feature in PDS 456, Gabriele Matzeu

Relativistic model of disk-jet variability, Prashanth Mohan

High-Resolution Observations of Centaurus A, Cornelia Mueller

IRAS 00521-7054, a peculiar type-II AGN with a very broad feature at 6 keV, Claudio Ricci

Absorption Variability in NGC 1365 seen with XMM-Newton and NuSTAR, Elizabeth Rivers

A Catalogue of XMM-Newton BL Lacs, Alicia Rouco

Red Quasars in the 2XMMi/SDSS Cross-Correlation, Angel Ruiz

Exploratory X-ray Monitoring of Luminous Radio-Quiet Quasars at High Redshift, Ohad Shemmer

Timing warm absorbers in AGN, Catia Silva

The Global Implications of the Hard X-Ray Excess in Type 1 Active Galactic Nuclei, Malachi Tatum

An X-ray outflow in a luminous obscured quasar at z=1.6 in the Chandra Deep Field-South, Cristian Vignali

Variability of Sgr A*, Monte Carlo code for X-Ray Emission, Michael Walls

Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548: the X-ray narrow emission lines, Megan Whewell

A multi-wavelength study of the radio-loud Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy RXJ23149+2, Dawei Xu


Clusters of Galaxies

Invited Talks
New Constraints on Galaxy Cluster Evolution from Chandra Observations of SPT-Selected Clusters, Michael McDonald

Galaxy Clusters: Trouble in the Periphery, Georgiana Ogrean

A Comparison of Weak-lensing and X-ray masses of Galaxy Clusters, Nobuhiro Okabe

Contributed Talks
Characterising our Universe with the REFLEX II cluster survey, Gayoung Chon

A Wild Ride for Abell 2443: A High Impact Velocity Merger with a Shock, Cold Front, and Relic, Tracy Clarke (pptx)

The 100 XXL brightest clusters: morphological study, Jessica Democles

Hot gas accretion in cluster outskirts, Dominique Eckert

The ICM power spectrum: probing the gas physics of galaxy clusters, Massimo Gaspari

The Bullet Group, Fabio Gastaldello (ppt)

Metal distribution in sloshing galaxy clusters, Simona Ghizzardi (pptx)

The Luminosity-Temperature Relation of Clusters Detected in the XXL Survey, Paul Giles

Probing of Interactions between the Hot Plasmas and Galaxies in Clusters over a Cosmological Timescale, Li Yi Gu

Weak lensing calibrated scaling relations for galaxy groups and clusters in the COSMOS and CFHTLS fields, Kimmo Kettula

An XMM-Newton view of Abell 4059, Francois Mernier

Exploring the Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters, Eric Miller

The ARCHES Integrated Cluster Finder, Alexey Mints

Exploring Hot Gas at Junctions of Galaxy Filaments with Suzaku, Ikuyuki Mitsuishi

Turbulence measurements in clusters of galaxies with XMM-Newton, Ciro Pinto

eROSITA Cluster Cosmology - Statistics and Challenging Systematics, Thomas Reiprich

Fluid flow experiments in galaxy clusters: Using cluster galaxies and minor mergers as probes for transport coefficients of the intracluster medium, Elke Roediger

XMM-Newton and Chandra Observations of the Remarkable Dynamics of the Intracluster Medium and Radio Sources in the Clusters Abell 2061 and 3667, Craig Sarazin

Mapping fossil and non-fossil systems out to their virial radii, Yuanyuan Su

Extending the bolometric L-T relation from galaxy clusters to groups: Impact of ICM cooling, AGN feedback and selection effects, Bharadwaj Vijaysarathy

Plasma physics in the outskirts of the nearest, X-ray brightest galaxy clusters, Norbert Werner

Discovery of a Nearby, Massive Galaxy Cluster Behind the Galactic Bulge with the XMM-Newton Observatory, Daniel Wik

Multi-wavelength mass calibration of galaxy clusters for cosmology, Yu-Ying Zhang

Chemical evolution and cluster physics with the CHEERS sample, Jelle de Plaa

The X-ray view of high-redshift clusters: ICM and AGN contribution, Veronica Biffi

Cosmological implications from the eROSITA all-sky survey, Katharina Borm

X-ray morphology and cool core state in galaxy clusters, Paolo Cazzoletti

Substructures in DAFT/FADA survey clusters based on XMM and optical data, Florence Durret

Galaxy Cluster Substructure Study, Florian Hofmann

Dynamical History of the A1589 Cluster of Galaxies, Murat Hudaverdi

Taking a census of the Oxygen abundance and distribution in galaxy groups and clusters, Lorenzo Lovisari

LBT/MODS spectra of distant X-ray selected galaxy clusters, Andreas Rabitz

Optical and near-infrared follow-up of the XMM Cluster Archive Super Survey (X-CLASS): Preparing for eRosita, Jethro Ridl

Beyond the (cool) cores: large scale sloshing in the ICM, Mariachiara Rossetti

MBPROJ: MultiBand X-ray Surface Brightness PROJector applied to the PKS 0745-191 galaxy cluster, Jeremy Sanders

The Effect of Viscosity on Sloshing Cold Fronts in Galaxy Clusters, John ZuHone


Extragalactic Surveys and Population Studies, the CXB, WHIM and Cosmology

Invited Talks
Missing Baryons and the WHIM: Current Evidence and Future Prospects, Fabrizio Nicastro

XXL: The ultimate XMM extragalactic survey, Marguerite Pierre

Contributed Talks
New constraints on the evolution of the X-ray luminosity function of AGN out to z~5, James Aird

Completing the census of heavily obscured AGN with Athena, Francisco Carrera

Deep X-ray spectroscopy of obscured AGN in the XMM-CDFS, Andrea Comastri

The NuSTAR hard X-ray view on quasars, Agnese Del Moro

Galaxy groups in deepest XMM fields, Alexis Finoguenov (pptx)

The X-ray signature of the solar axion flux observed by XMM Newton?, George Fraser, presented by Andy Read

Investigating different AGN fuelling modes since z=1, Antonis Georgakakis

Compton-thick AGN in the 3XMM spectral survey, Ioannis Georgantopoulos

Testing the unified model of Active Galactic Nuclei in X-ray selected type 1 and type 2 quasars, Silvia Mateos

The host galaxies of X-ray selected AGN: feeding and feedback, Andrea Merloni

The 2-10 keV luminosity function of AGN in the XMM-LSS and XMM-CDFS surveys, Piero Ranalli

Reflection in obscured Seyfert galaxies and the CXB, Roland Walter

Signature of Early Black holes in Cosmic Backgrounds, Nico Cappelluti

The cosmological analysis of large X-ray galaxy cluster surveys, Nicolas Clerc

Obscured accretion history from the spectrum of the unresolved Cosmic X-ray background, Alberto Moretti


Future of X-ray Astronomy

Invited Talks
The X-ray Integral Field Unit of the Athena X-ray Observatory, Didier Barret

Astro-H: science goals, development status, and European contribution, Matteo Guainazzi

XMM-Newton: Longevity through continued modification, Fred Jansen

The Athena mission, Paul Nandra

Spectrum Roentgen Gamma, Peter Predehl (pptx)

Contributed Talks
Atlas of High Resolution X-ray spectra: a Diagnostic Tool of the Hot Universe, Katarzyna Bensch (odp)

The XMM-Newton spectral-fit database, Amalia Corral

The EXTraS project: Exploring the X-ray Transient and variable Sky, Andrea De Luca

Status of ESA developments for the L2 X-Ray Observatory Mission, David Lumb

On the importance of polarimetry for the future of X-ray astronomy, Frederic Marin

The Wide Field Imager for the Athena X-ray Observatory, Arne Rau

European user support activities for ASTRO-H, Marc Audard

XMM Future Operational Ground Segment, Timothy Finn

The eROSITA/SRG All-Sky Survey: A new era of large-scale structure studies with AGN, Alexander Kolodzig

The new SCOS-based EGSE of the EPIC flight-spare on-ground cameras, Nicola La Palombara

Constraining the layout of circumnuclear clouds with respect to the supermassive black hole in the Galactic center: outlook of X-ray polarimetry, Frederic Marin

Stability of the XMM-Newton EPIC-pn and Variability of X-ray Sources, Andrew M.T. Pollock

cdfs-sim, cdfs-extract, LFtools: new software tools for XMM-Newton and other missions, Piero Ranalli

Towards Practical Deep-Space Navigation using X-ray Pulsar Timing, Setnam Shemar

Toward solving the mystery of the AGN soft X-ray excess with hard X-ray observatories, Ranjan Vasudevan

The 3XMM catalogue, Natalie Webb

Detecting Tidal Disruption Events (TDEs) with the Einstein Probe, Weimin Yuan


Accretion Physics

Invited Talks
The geometric origin of low frequency quasi-periodic oscillations in black hole binaries, Adam Ingram (pptx)

Contributed Talks
Ultraluminous X-ray Sources with NuSTAR and Friends, Matteo Bachetti

Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548: Evidence for an unexpected, new, heavy, variable and complex absorber, Massimo Cappi

A Hard X-ray Power-Law Cutoff in Cen X-4, Deepto Chakrabarty

Studying the inner accretion disk of GX 339-4 with NuSTAR and Swift, Felix Fuerst

MINBAR: A comprehensive study of 6000+ thermonuclear shell flashes from neutron stars, Duncan Galloway

The impact of an X-ray superburst from the neutron star in 4U 1636-536 on the accretion disk, Laurens Keek

X-ray emission from hot accretion flows, Andrzej Niedzwiecki

The Quiescent Neutron Star and Hierarchical Triple, 4U2129+47, Michael Nowak (key)

Relativistic jets without large-scale magnetic fields, Kyle Parfrey

X-ray observations of supersoft binaries: Status and perspectives, Klaus Reinsch

The ultraluminous state refined: spectral and temporal characteristics of super-Eddington accretion, Timothy Roberts (pptx)

The potential of X-ray polarimetry, Francesco Tamborra

The accreting intermediate mass black hole candidate ESO 243-49 HLX-1, Natalie Webb

Unveiling recurrent jets of the ULX Holmberg II X-1: evidence for a massive stellar-mass black hole?, David Cseh

Swift/X-ray telescope monitoring of the supergiant fast X-ray transient IGR J17354-3255, Lorenzo Ducci

A close re-examination of the XMM-Newton observations of GX 339-4, Charles Field

A Unified View of the Spectral States of ULXs Using the Te/Tin Ratio, Shogo Kobayashi

Monte Carlo modelling of Comptonised X-ray radiation from accretion flows onto neutron stars and black holes, Hirokazu Odaka

An optical version of the Fundamental Plane of Black Hole activity, Payaswini Saikia

Type I bursts and irradiated discs, Hauke Worpel

Sub-Eddington Model Atmospheres, specta, and color corrections for X-ray Bursting Neutron Stars, Marina von Steinkirch


General Relativity: Compact Objects & Reverberation

Contributed Talks
Timing properties and X-ray lags of an ultraluminous X-ray source, Barbara De Marco

The disc-jet-spin connection: 3C273, Chris Done (pptx)

Time Lags Reveal the Soft X-ray Excess is not from Reflection in the NLS1 PG1244+026, Emma Gardner

Iron K reverberation in Active Galactic Nuclei, Erin Kara

Accretion tomography with X-ray reverberation: Localizing the X-ray emission in AGN, Abderahmen Zoghbi

Reverberation mapping in the lamp-post geometry of the compact corona illuminating a black-hole accretion disc in AGN, Michal Dovciak

A New Route to Phase-Resolved Spectroscopy of Pulsations and QPOs in X-ray Binaries, Abigail L. Stevens


Extrasolar Planets and their Hosts

Invited Talks
Extrasolar Planets and their Hosts: why exoplanet science needs X-ray observations, Katja Poppenhaeger

X-ray irradiation of hot Jupiters with atmospheres amenable to comprehensive follow-up, Michael Salz


Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect: Recent Results

Invited Talks
Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect: Recent results, Etienne Pointecouteau


The Sky at High Energies

Very-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Observations of M 31 with VERITAS, Ralph Bird

Unveiling long-term variability in XMM-Newton surveys: the EXTraS project, Simon Rosen



Invited Speakers

Invited and Solicited Speakers

F. Baganoff Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
D. Barret IRAP Université de Toulouse, France
A. Beloborodov Columbia University, New York, USA
M. Guainazzi Astro-H & XMM-Newton SOC, Villanueva de la Cañada, Spain
F. Haberl Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, Garching, Germany
A. Ingram University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
F. Jansen European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
A. J. Levan University of Warwick, United Kingdom
G. Matt Universita degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy
M. McDonald Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
K. Nandra Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching, Germany
F. Nicastro INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma, Monte Porzio Catone, Italy
G. A. Ogrean Universität Hamburg, Germany
N. Okabe Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo, Japan
J. P. Osborne University of Leicester, United Kingdom
L. Oskinova University of Potsdam, Germany
A. Papitto Institute of Space Sciences (CSIC-IEEC), Barcelona, Spain
M. Pierre CEA Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
E. Pointecouteau Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie, Toulouse, France
K. Poppenhäger Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, USA
P. Predehl Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, Garching, Germany
N. Rea CSIC-IEEC/University of Amsterdam, Spain/The Netherlands
C. Reynolds University of Maryland, College Park, USA
M. Reynolds University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
J. Robrade Hamburger Sternwarte, Germany
P. Uttley University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
D. Watson University of Copenhagen, Denmark
A. A. Zdziarski N. Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw, Poland


Scientific Organising Committee (SOC)

Jürgen Schmitt (chair) Hamburger Sternwarte, Germany
Monique Arnaud CEA Saclay, Gif sur Yvette Cedex, France
Xavier Barcons Instituto de Física de Cantabria (CSIC-UC), Santander, Spain
Martin Barstow University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Laura Brenneman Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, USA
Eugene Churazov Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik, Garching, Germany
Anne Decourchelle CEA Saclay, Gif sur Yvette Cedex, France
Domitilla de Martino INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte Napoli, Italy
Chris Done University of Durham, United Kingdom
Gordon Garmire Huntingdon Institute for X-ray Astronomy, USA
Sergei Grebenev Space Research Institute, Moscow, Russia
Manuel Güdel University of Vienna, Austria
Louise Harra UCL-Mullard Space Science Laboratory, Dorking, United Kingdom
Jelle Kaastra SRON, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Stefanie Komossa Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn, Germany
Kyoko Matsushita Tokyo University of Science, Japan
Brian McBreen University College Dublin, Ireland
Thierry Montmerle Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, France
Robert Petre Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, USA
Peter Predehl Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, Garching, Germany
Gregor Rauw Université de Liège, Belgium
Nanda Rea CSIC-IEEC/University of Amsterdam, Spain/The Netherlands
Pedro Rodriguez XMM-Newton SOC, Villanueva de la Cañada, Spain
Norbert Schartel (co-chair) XMM-Newton SOC, Villanueva de la Cañada, Spain
Salvatore Sciortino INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo, Italy
Ginevra Trinchieri INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Milano, Italy
Michiel van der Klis University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Alexey Vikhlinin Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, USA
Robert Warwick University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Jörn Wilms Karl Remeis-Observatory & ECAP, Bamberg, Germany
Andrzej A. Zdziarski N. Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw, Poland


Local Organising Committee (LOC)

Jan-Uwe Ness (chair)
Matthias Ehle
Carlos Gabriel
Peter Gallagher (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Aitor Ibarra
Nora Loiseau
Antonio Martin-Carrillo (University College Dublin, Ireland)
Brian McBreen (University College Dublin, Ireland)
Eduardo Ojero
Richard Saxton
Norbert Schartel


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