SAS version history


Version History


version build identifier distribution
21.0.0 xmmsas_20230412_1735 public
20.0.0 xmmsas_20211130_0941 public
19.1.0 xmmsas_20210317_1624 public
19.0.0 xmmsas_20201028_0905 public
18.0.0 xmmsas_20190531_1155 public
17.0.0 xmmsas_20180620_1732 public
16.1.0 xmmsas_20170719_1539 public
16.0.0 xmmsas_20170112_1337 public
15.0.0 xmmsas_20160201_1833 public
14.0.0 xmmsas_20141104_1833 public
13.5.0 xmmsas_20131209_1901 public
13.0.0 xmmsas_20130501_1901 public
12.0.1 xmmsas_20120621_1321 public
12.0.0 xmmsas_20120523_1702 public
11.0.1 xmmsas_20110317_1801 public
11.0.0 xmmsas_20110223_1801 public
10.0.0 xmmsas_20100423_1801 public
9.0.0 xmmsas_20090615_1801 public
8.0.0 xmmsas_20080701_1801 public
7.1.0 xmmsas_20070708_1801 public
7.0.0 xmmsas_20060628_1801 public
6.5.0 xmmsas_20050815_1803 public
6.1.0 xmmsas_20041122_1834 public
6.0.0 xmmsas_20040318_1831 public
5.4.1 xmmsas_20030110_1802 public
5.3.3 xmmsas_20020605_1701 public
5.3.0 xmmsas_20020413_2031 public
5.2.0 xmmsas_20010917_1110 public
5.1.0 xmmsas_20010618_1522 public
5.0.1 xmmsas_20001215_0000 public
5.0 xmmsas_20001203_1730 public


The SAS being used in the XMM-Newton Pipeline (PPS) is based on a public release of the SAS but it also includes updated versions of some of its components. This version is not publicly distributed. As a rule, a given public version of the SAS includes at least all the changes contained in the previous PPS versions. For detailed information on the PPS configurations and what were the specific SAS manifests used for each of them, please look here.