XMM-Newton Long Term Plan


The provision of the XMM-Newton Long Term Plan has been discontinued

As of the end of AO-12 (end of April, 2014) the public Long Term Plan is no longer available.

Once the scheduling of a given revolution is prepared (usually ~4 weeks in advance of the observation) PIs will be contacted by automatic e-mail informing them about the scheduling details. The content of the timeline can also be accessed via the Short Term Schedule or the Scheduled Observation Search Page.

PIs who would like to address specific questions on their XMM-Newton proposal, must send an e-mail to xmmpi@sciops.esa.int specifying in the Subject: the proposal number. Only the PIs - or a delegate, explicitly nominated by the PI - can query/access information on a specific XMM-Newton proposal via the above email address.

For non-proposal-specific questions, please send a message to the SOC Helpdesk account via the Helpdesk web interface.