Science with XMM - The First XMM Workshop

The First XMM Workshop
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 30 September - 2 October 1998


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Online Presentations


All contributions are listed with title and name of first author. The electronic versions (if available) can be accessed in the format provided by the authors by clicking on the titles.


The proceedings are split in two parts, comprising oral presentations and poster sessions. In total, there were 4 oral and 10 poster sessions, namely:

Part 1: Oral presentations


Part 2: Poster sessions


Part 1: Oral presentations

Session 1: XMM Overview and Science Payload

Invited talks
Welcome and introduction, B. Taylor

XMM Mission Overview, F. Jansen

The Scientific Performance of the XMM Flight Mirror Modules, B. Aschenbach

The EPIC Instrument on XMM, M. Turner

The Optical/UV Monitor Telescope on XMM, K. Mason

The Reflection Grating Spectrometer onboard XMM, A. Brinkman et al.

Contributed talks
Analysis of Real Data Acquired using the RGS, A. Rasmussen et al.


Session 2: XMM Science

Invited talks
Science with XMM: Overview and Comparisons with other Missions, R. Mushotzky

Probing black holes, A. Fabian

Studying circumnuclear matter in AGN with X-ray spectroscopy, G. Matt

Galaxy studies, M. Ward

Accreting binary systems, A. Parmar

High Resolution Spectroscopy with XMM, F. Paerels et al.

Stellar X-ray astronomy with XMM, J. Schmitt

Supernova remnants, H. Tsunemi

Seeking, Seeing and Studying Isolated Neutron Stars with XMM, D. Helfand

Clusters of galaxies, M. Arnaud

Deep Extragalactic X-ray surveys, O. Almaini

XMM Serendipitous Survey and the SSC Follow-up Programme, M. Watson

Prospects for understanding the X-ray background through hard X-ray surveys, G. Hasinger

Contributed talks
A Cutoff in the X-ray Fluctuation Power Density Spectrum of the Seyfert 1 Galaxy NGC 3516, R. Edelson

X-ray Observations of Nearby Spiral Galaxies, W. Pietsch

Broad Iron Lines as a Probe of Accretion in Magnetic CVs, C. Hellier

X-ray Spectroscopy Diagnostics with XMM: New Prospects for the Physics of Thermal, Optically Thin Plasmas, M. Güdel et al.

The XMM GT Programme on Stellar Coronae: an Overview, R. Pallavicini

X-rays and Regions of Star Formation: a Combined ROSAT/ISO Study of the Rho Oph Cloud, N. Grosso, T. Montmerle et al.

SNRs in the LMC, J. Hughes

Determination of the Iron Abundance of an Intracluster Medium with the Resonance Scattering Effect, K. Yamashita

Distant Clusters in X-Rays, I. Gioia

The BeppoSAX High Energy Large Area Survey (HELLAS), F. Fiore et al.

Mapping Cosmic Large Scale Structures with XMM, M. Pierre


Session 3: XMM Data Analysis and Archive Plans

Invited talks
XMM data analysis: overview, F. Jansen

XMM Pipeline Processing and science data products, J. Osborne

XMM Interactive Analysis, H. Siddiqui

XMM science archive, J. Clavel


Session 4: Proposing for XMM observations

Invited talks
The XMM Observing Programme and Science Operations, F. Jansen

Proposal documentation and planning tools, M. Dahlem

XMM Instrument Modes and Operation, D. H. Lumb

XMM proposal submission, M. Dahlem

Closing Remarks, J. Bleeker



Part 2: Poster presentations

Session 5: XMM, other satellites & technical/theoretical papers

The Performance of the PN-EPIC Detector, M. Popp et al.

Status of XMM Test Programme in CSL EUV and X-Ray Test Facility (Focal X), J. Ph. Tock et al.

The XMM GOF at Goddard Space Flight Center, S. Snowden

The Data Product Screening System for XMM Products, Th. Boller

Simulation of the EUX XMM MM Star Field from Actual Measurements, Y. Stockman et al.

X-Ray Source Detection in EPIC Images using Wavelet Transforms, F. Damiani et al.

XMM-EPIC EGSE Science Console Quick-Look Analysis and Data Archiving in the Ground Calibration, J. B. Stephen et al.

An Efficiency Model for the Reflection Gratings on XMM's RGS, J. Cottam et al.

The XMM/RGS Effective Area, C. de Vries et al.

Event Pileup in AXAF's ACIS CCD Camera, B. R. McNamara

A New X-Ray View of the Galaxy - Simulations with the HETGS, N. S. Schulz

Observing the Extragalactic Universe with the HETG, M. W. Wise et al.

High Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy: Issues for Creating an Atomic Database for a Collisional Plasma Spectral Emission Code, R. K. Smith et al.

Ionization Balance for Optically Thin Plasmas: Rate Coefficients for all Atoms and Ions of the Elements H to Ni and implication for the calculated X-ray spectrum, P. Mazzotta et al.

Using high resolution solar X-ray spectra to benchmark the MEKAL spectral synthesis code, K. J. H. Phillips et al.

The Point Spread Function of the Reflection Grating Spectrometer, J. Spodek et al.


Session 6: X-ray Surveys and Deep Fields

XMM Observations of AAT 2 Degree Fields, I. Georgantopoulos et al.

Deep Surveys and Galaxies with the Aid of Simulations, A. Ptak & R. Griffiths

ROSAT Catalogues from All-Sky Survey and Pointed Observations, W. Voges et al.

Searching for Galaxy Clusters in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey: The ROSAT ESO Flux-Limited X-ray (REFLEX) Cluster Survey, H. Böhringer et al.

An XMM EPIC Slew Survey: feasibility & science golas, L. R. Jones & D. Lumb

A Deep X-Ray Spectroscopic Survey of the ESO Imaging Survey Fields, H. U. Norgaard-Nielsen & N. J. Westergaard

Nature of Hard X-Ray Sources from Optical Identification of the ASCA Large Sky Survey, M. Akiyama et al.


Session 7: Clusters of Galaxies

Constraints on the Gas Fraction from the Observation of 36 High-luminousity Clusters of Galaxies, S. Ettori

High Redshift Clusters and the Value of Omega, J. Bartlett

Mass Determinations in the Distant Cluster of Galaxies Cl0024+17, G. Soucail

The CfA-ROSAT Survey of Distant Clusters of Galaxies, B. R. McNamara

Constraints on Models of a Multiphase ICM, C. B. Peres

X-Ray + Radio Analysis of Magnetic Fields in Clusters of Galaxies, T. E. Clarke & P. P. Kronberg

X-Ray Observations of the Rich Galaxy Cluster CL 0939+4713, S. Schindler

Self-Similarity of X-Ray Profiles of Clusters of Galaxies, D. Neumann

First Results from the Viper Sunyaev-Zeldovich Survey, K. Romer

First Millimeter Detection of the X-Ray Cluster RXJ1347-1145, E. Pointecouteau et al.

Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect with Planck Surveyor, N. Aghanim & J.-L. Puget

First Measurement of the submillimetre Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect, J. P. Bernard et al.

Spatial Distribution of Galaxies in the Puppis Region behind the Milky Way, J.-L. Masnou & P. Chamaraux


Session 8: AGNs & QSOs

ASCA Observations of Radio-Loud AGNs, R. Sambruna et al.

An XMM Survey of a Distance-Limited (D < 20 Mpc) Sample of Seyfert Galaxies, G. DiCocco

Variability of the Broad Iron Line in Seyfert Galaxies, K. Iwasawa

The Warm Absorber in Seyfert 1 Galaxies, D. Porquet et al.

X-Ray Observations of High Redshift Quasars, J. Siebert

Advantages of XMM in the Study of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies, Th. Boller et al.

Spectroscopy of the BL Lac H1426+428 with the XMM RGS, I. Sakelliou et al.

O VIII Recombination Features in AGN Spectra, R. S. Warwick & R. G. Griffiths

Spinning Black Holes in AGN, Y. Dabrowski

ROSAT HRI Obserations of the Nuclei of Nearby Galaxies, T. Roberts

X-Ray Spectroscopy of a Large Sample of Quasars Observed with ASCA, J. Reeves

A Study of Combined Capabilities of XMM and INTEGRAL in Observations of AGNs, D. I. Cremonesi & T. Courvoisier

The Complex X-Ray Spectra of Active Galaxies with Warm Absorbers, S. Komossa

Multiple Compton Reflections on Photoionized Clouds as a Model for Seyferts Fe Kalpha Line, A. Abrassart & A. M. Dumont

The High Energy Resolution View of Ionized Abservers in AGN, F. Nicastro

The Warm Absorber in a High Luminosity AGN: QSO MR 2251-17.8, A. Orr & P. Barr


Session 9: Galaxies

Dwarf Galaxy Evolution: Hints from Diffuse X-Rays, D. J. Bomans

Extended X-Ray Emission of Halo, Disk and Nucleus of the Face-on Spiral M83, M. Ehle

The X-Ray Source Associated with M32, E. J. A. Meurs & Z. Zang


Session 10: Stars and Stellar Clusters

XMM - The Cool X-ray Satellite!, D. J. James et al.

High energy in T Tauri Stars: the future is bright, V. M. Costa et al.

The EUV Coronae of the Young Solar Analogs 47 Cas & EK Dra: An EUVE Spectroscopic and Timing Study of Coronal Heating, M. Audard et al.

Coronal Element Abundances in the G8 V Star xi Boo A, J. M. Laming & J. J. Drake

How Optically-thick is the Wind of Early Type Stars for Resonance Lines?, S. Kitamoto

X-Ray Spectroscopy with XMM: A New Powerful Tool to Determine Fundamental Parameters of Early-type Stars, R. Mewe et al.

Plasma Thermal Structure and Metallicity of Stellar Coronae Observed with XMM, A. Maggio et al.

Coronal Lines in Bright X-Ray Sources in Globular Clusters: a Challenge for XMM, M. Guainazzi

Prospective study of the coronae of G-K giants using XMM, Ph. Gondoin

Coronae and accretion shocks in T Tauri Stars, A. I. Gomez de Castro et al.


Session 11: Accretion Systems; Binary Stars

Exploring Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables with XMM, D. De Martino et al.

Squezeed Magnetosphere and Evolution of the Magnetic Field in LMXB, R. Iaria et al.

XMM and Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables, C. H. James et al.

An Observatory for Mapping Stellar Accretion Discs, M. Still et al.

BeppoSAX Observation of the Black Hole Candidate Cyg X-1, T. Di Salvo

Emission features from X-ray irradiated atmospheres, H. W. Hartmann

Accretion Disc in the Soft State of Cyg X-1, M. Gierlinski

X-Ray Binaries in the Large Magellanic Cloud, F. Haberl

Accreting Magnetic White Dwarfs, M. Cropper

Dipping in Low Mass X-Ray Binaries and Black Hole Binaries from ASCA, BeppoSAX and RXTE, M. Balucinska-Church & M. J. Church


Session 12: Pulsars and SNRs

Nonthermal Emission from SNR G347.5-0.5: Another Case of Cosmic Ray Acceleration?, P. Slane

The Nature of the Shell Type SNR X-Ray Emission, F. Bocchino et al.

Model of X-Ray Spectrum of Kepler's SNR, K. Kinugasa et al.

XMM Observations of Pulsars: A Study of Thermal vs. Non-Thermal Emission, W. Becker & J. Trümper

ASCA Observations of the Young Rotation-powered Pulsars PSR B1046-58 and PSR B1610-50, M. Pivovaroff et al.


Session 13: Comets / Solar System

Dusty Comets as Possible X-Ray Multi-Mirror Mission Targets, S. Ibadov

Solar Active Region: Heating and Dynamics, L. K. Harra-Murnion et al.


Session 14: Others

Dust-Scattered X-Rays in the XMM Era, S. Klose


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Scientific Organising Committee (SOC)

Mike Watson University of Leicester, UK (chair)
Monique Arnaud CEA/DSM/DAPNIA, Saclay, F
Bernd Aschenbach MPE Garching, D
Michael Dahlem ESA SSD, ESTEC, NL (local organiser)
Fred Jansen ESA SSD, ESTEC, NL
Keith Mason MSSL, UK
Richard Mushotzky NASA-GSFC, USA
Frits Paerels SRON, NL
Roberto Pallavicini OAPA, Palermo, I

Local Organising Committee (LOC)

Fred Jansen, XMM Project Scientist
Michael Dahlem