XMM-Newton Users' Group Meeting Agenda, 7 June 2016

 1. Welcome N. Schartel / M.J. Ward   
 2. Adoption of the agenda All
 3. Overall mission status F. Jansen
 4. Instrument operations R. Muñoz
 5. Report of the Project Scientist N. Schartel
 6. User support and mission planning    M. Ehle
 7. Pipeline future plans P. Rodriguez
 8. Status of the scientific archive N. Loiseau
 9. Calibration M. Smith (*)
10. Analysis software future plans C. Gabriel
11. Mission Extension A. Parmar
12. SSC status M. Watson / N. Webb
13. Input from the community All
14. AOB All
15. Dedicated Discussion All
16. Ideas and outcome from "The next Decade" WS     All
17. Date and time of next meeting All

  (*) with input from R. González (RGS) and A. Talavera (OM)