XMM-Newton Users' Group Meeting Presentations, 7 June 2016

The following presentations are available for download in PDF format.

Author Presentation Download Size
F. Jansen Overall Mission Status mission_status.pdf 65 Kb
R. Muñoz Instrument Operations instrument_operations.pdf 460 Kb
N. Schartel Report of the Project Scientist science_report.pdf 4.3 Mb
M. Ehle User Support and Mission Planning usg.pdf 3.9 Mb
P. Rodriguez Pipeline Future Plans pipeline.pdf 832 kb
N. Loiseau Status of the Scientific Archive xsa.pdf 3.5 Mb
M. Smith (*) Calibration calibration.pdf 2.2 Mb
C. Gabriel Analysis Software Future Plans sas.pdf 2.4 Mb
N. Webb SSC Status ssc.pdf 2.7 Mb

(*) with input from R. González (RGS) and A. Talavera (OM)