XMM-Newton Users' Group Meeting Agenda, 17 May 2018

 1. Welcome N. Schartel / M.J. Ward   
 2. Adoption of the agenda All
 3. Overall mission status P. Kretschmar
 4. Report of the Project Scientist N. Schartel
 5. SPACON merger M. Kirsch
 6. User support and mission planning    M. Ehle
 7. Calibration EPIC M. Smith
 8. Calibration RGS R. Gonzalez
 9. Calibration OM A. Talavera
10. Pipeline development P. Rodriguez
11. SAS / medium and long-term strategy C. Gabriel
12. SSC status M. Watson / N. Webb
13. Input from the community All
14. AOB All
15. Dedicated Discussion All
16. Date and time of next meeting All