XMM-Newton Observations of GRB020321



  • On March 21, 2002, the XMM-Newton SOC received a Target of Opportunity notification after the BeppoSAX detection of GRB020321.
  • This GRB was immediately approved by the XMM-Newton SOC for ToO observation. The observation was started on 2002-03-21T14:38:14Z under ObsId=0008820401 during XMM-Newton's revolution number 0418 .
  • The pointing coordinates were RA = 16:11:02.4 and Dec = -83:42:00 (Gandolfi et al.)
  • The images and light curves presented here are based on a preliminary processing without the re-constituted XMM-Newton Attitude History File. Therefore, the positions quoted are subject to a nominal uncertainty of 4 arcsec.



  • The Observation Data File (ODF) is available here as 0008820401.tar.gz.
  • The Pipeline Products are now also available in the ftp area. Details of the Pipeline process can be found here


Preview of XMM-Newton images

Full pn image in sky coordinates.
There is no clear GRB020321 X-rays afterglow candidate within the sources in EPIC-pn, neither from their location nor from their variability.
Net count rates for several EPIC-pn sources.