XMM-Newton Observations of Jupiter


  • Jupiter was observed by XMM-Newton in revolution 620 for ~100ksec starting on 2003-04-28@16:23 UT.
  • Since the equatorial jovian day lasts 35730s, the XMM-Newton observation covered almost 3 jovian days.
  • The apparent equatorial angular diameter of the planet's full disk as seen from XMM-Newton was 37.7 arcsec.
  • EPIC pn was operated in Large Window mode, while both MOS cameras were in Full Frame mode.
    All of them were using the THICK filter to block the optical light from the planet.


  • The Observation Data File (ODF) will be made available here. See the TOO Details page.

Preview of XMM-Newton images

Path of Jupiter in the Sky as seen by XMM-Newton (left). The blue circle flags a field source occulted by the planet at the beginning of the observation. The rotation is identified by the Northern auroral spots appearing and disappearing. The right panel shows the same image, but referred to the center of Jovian disk.


Jupiter Sky Path


Enhanced view of the Jupiter disk in two differente energy bands. The images are built up as the average over the complete observation (Click on the image to see an animation of the observation).


Jupiter View


The fact that the North Aurora is the main source of oxygen line emission is also suggested by the light curves corresponding to the same energy bands:


Jupiter Light curves