XMM-Newton-NEWS  #194,    28-Feb-2017

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  • Patch to XMM-Newton Science Analysis System (SAS) 16.0
  • Binaries for SAS 16.0 on macOS Sierra released
  • SAS Users Guide updated

Patch to XMM-Newton Science Analysis System (SAS) 16.0

A patch to SAS 16.0 (see issue #192 of this Newsletter) has been issued. It includes fixes of six tasks and minor changes to the parameter space and documentation for other packages. See full details in the release notes at


Only those who have downloaded SAS 16.0 before 24th February 2017 should apply this patch.

The patch can be downloaded from


Binaries for SAS 16.0 on macOS Sierra released

Binaries for SAS 16.0 built on macOS Sierra (MacOSX 10.12.3, Darwin-16.4.0) have been released. These binaries already include the patch described above. They are available at


SAS Users Guide updated

The Users Guide to the XMM-Newton Science Analysis System has been updated for SAS version 16.0 in order to include the latest information on data analysis methods and updated SAS tasks.

The guide is available from the XMM-Newton Proposer's Info and Manuals Web page (Section: Data Analysis) at


The html version of the SAS Users Guide can be accessed directly under


As announced in Newsletter #192, Data Analysis Threads are already revised and in-line with SAS 16.0, see



Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC