XMM-Newton-NEWS  #205,    9-Jan-2018

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  • Anticipated timeline for next XMM-Newton Announcement of Opportunity: AO-18
  • Let us know about XMM-Newton related Ph.D.
  • Workshop announcement: "Treasures hidden in high-energy catalogues"

Anticipated timeline for next XMM-Newton Announcement of Opportunity: AO-18

The planned key milestones for the eighteenth XMM-Newton "Announcement of Opportunity" have been established. Within this AO-18 a new call to submit proposals for observations to be performed with the XMM-Newton observatory will be issued.

To be prepared for this, please find below the anticipated timeline:

Announcement of Opportunity 21 August 2018
Due date for Proposals 5 October 2018 (12:00 UT)
Final OTAC approved programme mid December 2018

For approved proposals only:

Start of Phase II proposal submission 8 January 2019
Closure of Phase II proposal submission 1 February 2019
Start of observations May 2019

The official "Announcement of Opportunity" will be made public in the XMM-Newton News and on the XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre Home Page.

Let us know about XMM-Newton related Ph.D.

As announced in previous Newsletters, the XMM-Newton team is collecting information about the completion of doctorates and Ph.D. theses based on (or making use of) XMM-Newton observations.

We invite candidates or supervisors of a doctorate to submit details by filling the electronic form available from


Workshop announcement: "Treasures hidden in high-energy catalogues"

The workshop "Treasures hidden in high-energy catalogues" will take place from 22nd to 24th May 2018 at IRAP, Toulouse, France.

This workshop offers the opportunity to get a full overview of the different catalogues proposed in the framework of ESA's XMM-Newton mission. A range of other high energy and multiwavelength catalogues will also be presented, as well as synergies between these catalogues. Innovative methods for exploiting catalogues, such as machine learning, will also be discussed.

The workshop will run over three days, with invited, solicited and contributed talks covering all aspects of astrophysics including stars, compact objects, galaxies and clusters, where catalogues have been used to make advances in that area. Poster space will also be available.

The workshop is free to attend but the capacity is limited to 90 people.

More information can be found on the workshop website



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