First Announcement,     18-Dec-2018     
Astrophysics of Hot Plasma from Extended X-ray Sources

ESAC, Madrid, Spain
12 - 14 June 2019

Organised by the
XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre
of the
European Space Agency (ESA)
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Aims and Scope of the Meeting

Hot plasmas dominate the X-ray emission of supernova remnants, much of the interstellar medium in galaxies, galactic halos and winds, and the intra-cluster medium in clusters of galaxies. Plasma characteristics, observed through their X-ray morphology and spectral properties, reveal the physical processes at work and the structure and evolution of these systems. XMM-Newton and Chandra have been accumulating rich resources of emission line spectra with medium and high spectral resolution. Building on this heritage, in the next decade the XRISM mission and the Athena X-ray observatory will yield unprecedented high-spectral resolution mapping of extended sources. Accurate plasma codes will become even more essential for data interpretation.

This workshop aims to review our current understanding of these X-ray plasmas, their modelling and their astrophysical implications. The goal is to prepare the younger generation and to foster cooperation between the participants on common astrophysics issues, on plasma code requirements, modelling of X-ray spectra, and data reduction of extended sources.


  • Supernova remnants
  • Galaxies
  • Clusters of galaxies
  • Plasma codes
  • Plasma modelling and spectral fitting
  • Miscellaneous

Scientific Organising Committee

Monique Arnaud CEA, Saclay, France
Aya Bamba University of Tokyo, Japan
Hans Boehringer University of Munich, Germany
Joel N. Bregman University of Michigan, USA
Anne Decourchelle (chair) CEA, Saclay, France
Andy Fabian University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Jimmy Irwin University of Alabama, USA
Jelle Kaastra SRON, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Rosine Lallement Paris Observatory, France
Pasquale Mazzotta University of Rome, Italy
Takaya Ohashi Tokio Metropolitan University, Japan
Paul Plucinsky Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, USA
John Raymond Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, USA
Thomas Reiprich University of Bonn, Germany
Samar Safi-Harb University of Manitoba, Canada
Norbert Schartel (co-chair) ESAC/ESA, Spain
Aurora Simionescu SRON, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Randall Smith Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, USA
Regis Terrier University Paris Diderot, France
Jacco Vink University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Q. Daniel Wang University of Massachusetts, USA

Important Dates

end January 2019 Opening of registration and abstract submission
Second Announcement
Friday 1 March 2019 Deadline for abstract submission
Monday 8 April 2019 Notification to authors
Tuesday 30 April 2019 Early registration deadline
Thursday 30 May 2019 Late registration deadline

Registration and Abstracts

The registration fee will be 80 €. The fee includes the coffee breaks, a printed issue of the refereed conference proceedings, and a shuttle bus transfer between Madrid and ESAC.

Venue and accommodation

The workshop will be held at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC), near Madrid, Spain. We will not block hotel rooms for the conference in any particular hotel, but a list of hotels that we used in the past together with useful links will be posted on our webpage.

Childcare Service

We are pleased to offer a Childcare Service during the three days of the workshop. The service will be given on-site at ESAC and will be available for all registered participants. To make reservations and for further information, please contact directly the LOC.


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