XMM-Newton-NEWS  #225,    14-Oct-2019

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  • XMM-Newton AO-19 closure


The XMM-Newton Nineteenth Announcement of Opportunity (AO-19) closed on the 11th of October 2019.

In total, 462 valid proposals were received, requesting 92 Ms of science time. This Announcement of Opportunity covers a period of one year, with 12 Ms of observing time available for distribution. The over-subscription factor is 7.7.

A total of 50 proposals were received for Large Programmes , and 23 for Fulfil Programmes. Anticipated Target of Opportunity observations were requested in 62 proposals. For the joint programmes, 104 proposals were submitted: 47 request time for the XMM-NuSTAR programme, 31 for the XMM-HST programme, 11 for the XMM-Chandra programme, 10 for the XMM-VLT programme, 10 for the XMM-SWIFT programme, 9 for the XMM-NRAO programme, 2 for the XMM-H.E.S.S programme, and 1 for the XMM-INTEGRAL programme,

SOC received proposals from 374 different principal investigators from 32 countries. The number of countries involved increases to 39 if co-investigators are taken into account as well. Considering principal investigators and co-investigators, about 1500 individual scientists were involved in the response to the nineteenth Announcement of Opportunity.


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