XMM-Newton-NEWS  #249,    11-Oct-2021

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  • XMM-Newton AO-21 closure

XMM-Newton AO-21 closure

The XMM-Newton Twenty-first Announcement of Opportunity (AO-21) closed on the 8th of October 2021.

In total, 428 valid proposals were received. This Announcement of Opportunity covers a period of one year, with 12 Ms of observing time available for distribution. A total of 81 Ms of science time were requested. The over-subscription factor is 6.75.

A total of 44 proposals were received for Large Programmes, and 20 for Fulfil Programmes. Anticipated Target of Opportunity observations were requested in 68 proposals. For the joint programmes, 90 proposals were submitted: 49 request time for the XMM-NuSTAR programme, 21 for the XMM-HST programme, 12 for the XMM-SWIFT programme, 10 for the XMM-Chandra programme, 9 for the XMM-VLT programme, 8 for the XMM-NRAO programme, 2 for the XMM-H.E.S.S programme, and 1 for the XMM-INTEGRAL programme.

SOC received proposals from 348 different principal investigators from 30 countries. The number of countries involved increases to 39 if co-investigators are taken into account as well. Considering principal investigators and co-investigators, about 1500 individual scientists were involved in the response to the Twenty-first Announcement of Opportunity.


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