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Black Hole accretion under the X-ray microscope

ESAC, Madrid, Spain

13 - 17 Jun 2022

Organised by the XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre of the European Space Agency (ESA)


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As announced in a previous issue of the XMM-Newton Newsletter, the XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre of the European Space Agency is organising the Science Workshop "Black Hole Accretion under the X-ray Microscope”, from Monday 13 to Friday 17 of June 2022.

Abstract submission for this workshop is now open. It will close on Thursday 3 March.

Click HERE to submit your abstract.

Registration will open at the beginning of April.



The meeting will focus on black hole accretion and its consequences, following the accretion flow from the direct relativistic environment of the black holes out to galactic scales. The two flagship X-ray missions XMM-Newton and Chandra are constantly expanding the frontiers of our knowledge. Many further international X-ray observatories, like NuSTAR, NICER, SRG / eROSITA and ART-XC, Swift, MAXI, Integral, HXMT and AstroSAT, are continuously discovering new phenomena. Multi-wavelength observations, complementing the X-ray data, are often crucial to sharpen our view of the accretion phenomenon and its effects on its surroundings. The meeting aims at providing an opportunity to discuss new results, open questions, and pathways for future progress in the field.


  • Extreme variability events
  • Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Black Hole X-ray binaries and ULXs
  • Cosmology, Surveys, Dual AGN

Important dates

Opening of Registration Beginning April 2022
Deadline for Abstract Submission Thursday 3rd March 2022
Notification to authors Tuesday 5th April 2022
Early Registration Deadline Thursday 19th May 2022
Registration Deadline Tuesday 7th June 2022

More information and link to the abstract submission form are available at the Workshop Website.

Invited speakers

Riccardo Arcodia MPE, Garching, Germany
Valentina Braito Observatory of Brera, Italy
Edward Cackett Wayne State University, Detroit, USA
Alessandra De Rosa INAF-IAPS, Roma, Italy
Maria Diaz Trigo ESO, Garching, Germany
Chris Done University of Durham, United Kingdom
Matteo Guainazzi ESAC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Adam Ingram Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Stefanie Komossa MPIfR, Bonn, Germany
Giorgio Matt University Roma Tre, Italy
Matt Middleton University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Claudio Ricci University Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile
Alex Tetarenko Texas Tech University, USA
Meg Urry Yale University, USA


Local Organising Committee:


Up-to-date information is always available via the Workshop Web page



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