Supplementary catalogue of photometry for bright XMM-OM sources in SUSS 3.0

The catalogue provides read-out-streak photometry for sources in SUSS 3.0 which are too bright in a particular band for reliable photometry through the normal direct measurement process. In a number of circumstances, including crowded fields, explicit source confusion and sources which are too bright even for the read-out streak method, the read-out streak photometry is not deemed to be reliable. Therefore the number of photometric measurements in the supplementary catalogue is lower than the number of measurements within SUSS 3.0 which are flagged as having too high a count rate for standard photometry. The read-out-streak photometry method, and the construction of the supplementary catalogue are described in detail in Page et al. (2017, MNRAS 466, 1061).

The supplementary catalogue table contains a subset of SUSS 3.0 columns. The first five columns permit each entry to be identified with a unique SUSS 3.0 source and XMM-Newton OBSID. The remaining 24 columns contain read-out-streak-derived magnitudes and magnitude errors in Vega and AB systems. The table contains the following number of magnitude measurements in the corresponding XMM-OM filters.

V 514
B 666
U 714
UVW1 538
UVM2 153
UVW2 41