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  • From 14th March 2019 logging into XSA is only possible using an ESA Cosmos account.
    If you have an ESA Cosmos account but forgot your password (or username) click here. If you do not have an ESA Cosmos account you can register now here.

  • Since XSAv10.0 the on-the-fly data analysis (RISA) functionality includes a limited number of data analysis possibilities. We invite the community to test it and let us know via the XMM-Newton helpdesk about their results and suggestions for future improvements.

  • Radiation Monitor files available from the XSA archive are being produced regularly but not every revolution has these files available, and there might be delays in the production of the files for the last revolutions.

  • Search on a file with a list of names or positions is currently limited to about 1000 entries. A possible workaround to perform a search on a larger list is to use TOPCAT or CDS Xmatch to cross-match your list with the complete list of XMM-Newton observed positions, which can be downloaded from XSA, from Vizier or from the XSA observations log.