XSA Release Notes Archive


XSA version 8.7:

The XSA v8.7, released on 3 December 2015, includes among other improvements and bugs fixed, the following:

  • OM exposures with a FAST mode window can now be searched by selecting FAST or IMAGE + FAST in the "Instrument Configuration" option of the Search panel. They can be identified in the OM Exposures tab in the results panel.
  • Options to make selections by Instrument Mode or Filter were added to the command line access to the data (AIO).
  • Non-processed Slew observation are now also shown in the results panel.

XSA version 8.6:

The XSA v8.6, released on 10 Aug 2015, includes among other improvements, the following:

  • Download of PPS products (images, spectra, light curves, etc) now includes the corresponding FITS files, besides PDF and PNG files.
  • Added new "direct download" options for OM/EPIC PPS and catalogue sources.
  • Solved the issue preventing the users to send proprietary data to VO tools like Aladin or TOPCAT.
  • A bug in the "change password" functionality has been fixed.

XSA version 8.5:

The XSA v8.5, released on 27 May 2015, includes among other improvements, the following:

  • new columns (mainly error columns) are now available in the results panels.
  • a bug in sending results to TOPCAT has been fixed.
  • a bug in "Launch the SAMP Hub" from XSA image postcards has been fixed.

XSA version 8.4:

The XSA v8.4, released on 28 April 2015, includes among other improvements, the following:

  • access to the new incremental EPIC (3XMM-DR5) catalogue.
  • access to the new incremental OM (XMM-SUSSv2.1) catalogue.
  • two new types of file searches: on a file with a list of galactic coordinates and on a file with a list of Observations IDs.
  • the possibility to save/print the selected, visible columns, not all of them as before.
  • the possibility to remain signed in.
  • perform the search on a list of objects even if a name or coordinate fails the verification.
XSA version 8.3:

The XSA v8.3, released on 4 December 2014, includes, among others, the following improvements:
  • search by "File" is now possible for up to 1000 names or positions (in previous XSA versions this was limited to about 400 entries).
  • the Mosaic ODF sub-sets are now searchable by coordinates.
  • a major update of publications associated to each observation has been implemented.
XSA version 8.2:

The XSA v8.2, released on 27 February 2014, provides for the first time access to two new versions of catalogues: the incremental XMMSL1_Delta6 and the XMM-SUSS2. It also provides access to new mosaic ODF subsets generated in 2014, and continues giving access, as earlier XSA v8 versions, to the 3XMM-DR4 and to all XMM-Newton ODF and PPS files, either routinely processed since July 2013, or earlier data reprocessed in 2013.

XSA version 8.0:

The XSA v8.0, released on 23 July 2013, offered for the first time a web based interface to the XMM-Newton Science Archive. The XSA was fully re-engineered also greatly improving the search speed.

Since v8.0 of the XSA access is provided to all XMM-Newton data including the fully reprocessed PPS products, and the 3XMM-DR4 catalogue.