Second epoch XMM-Newton Observations of RS Ophiuchi


  • The Recurrent Novae RS Ophiuchi was discovered in outburst on February 12, 2006 (Narumi et al., IAUC 8671) at visual magnitude 4.5. This is the sixth recorded outburst, with the previous ones occurring in 1898, 1933, 1958, 1967 and 1985.
  • RS Ophiuchi was observed by XMM-Newton on February 26 2006 (obsid 04101801).
  • A second observation was performed on March 10 2006 (starting at 22:46 UT) under ObsId 04101802 during XMM-Newton's revolution number 1145
  • EPIC pn and MOS2 were operated in Timing mode with the THIN filter and MOS1 in Small Window mode with the MEDIUM filter.


  • The Observation Data File (ODF) will be available here.
  • The Pipeline Products will be also available at this address.

Preview of XMM-Newton spectra

Comparison of the EPIC-pn spectra obtained on February 26 and on March 10




Comparison of the RGS fluxed spectra obtained on February 26 and March 10