XMM-Newton SAS Team releases version 6.5.0


The XMM-Newton SAS team is very pleased to announce the release of a new version of the SAS: SAS 6.5.0

The main changes in this version with respect to the former version, SAS 6.1, are:

  • EPIC calibration upgrade, including the modelling of spatial and temporal effective area dependency for the MOS cameras. A much improved cross calibration between all EPIC cameras has been achieved.
  • the introduction of the possibility of combining RGS spectra and response matrices, through the new tasks rgscombine and rgssuperrmf.
  • improved source detection, both for EPIC and OM, especially related to extended sources, and to the presence of straylight artifacts in the case of OM.
  • upgrade of the metatasks for EPIC general data reduction emproc and epproc.

In addition calibration handling has been enhanced, as well as several minor bugs fixed.

For further details on obtaining SAS 6.5.0 please visit our SAS Pages