SAS Inverse Index


This table contains several interactive features:
  • Pass the mouse over a Package Name box and the corresponding SAS tasks that are needed to complete the given package will be highlighted in gold.
  • Pass the mouse over a group of SAS tasks and those SAS tasks which are mandatory to be run beforehand will be highlighted in red, and those that are optional will be marked in green.
  • If a thread, or section of a thread, is available describing how to perform a specific task, or a set of tasks, it will be marked by in the Thread column. Placing the mouse over , the name of the corresponding thread is shown in a pop-up window.
Note: for a best view of the full table, use CTRL + '+' and CTRL + '-' to increase or reduce the zoom until the table fits in the whole browser window.
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Package Name Comment SAS Tasks Thread
Access the calibration database
Calibration Viewer
Display information from the calibration database
All instruments
An interactive viewer of the XMM calibration database. The tool interrogates the calibration state server and the calibration view server, and it displays the results in a number of widgets and pull down menus
Point Spread Function
Generate PSF from ccf
pn, MOS
Generate EPIC PSF from ccf