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XMM-Newton Science Analysis Software


Current version : 20.0.0 Release date: Dec. 9, 2021


The Science Analysis Software (SAS) is an extensive suite of software tasks developed to process the data collected by the XMM-Newton Observatory. The SAS is released periodically. With each release, new software developments and bug fixes are included with the aim to improve the processing of XMM-Newton data.

Before you start surfing through them, you may want to have a look at a very concise SAS description.


  • [09/12/2021] SAS 20.0.0 binaries released - Find here the corresponding release notes

  • [07/06/2022] Released patches evqpb-0.10.3 and arfgen-1.102.1 to fix important bugs
    • evqpb:
      • Fixed error in the output file if the attitude file is not included on the command line.
      • Solved problem with wrong index being used in exposure arrays.
      • Fixed problem with observations containing missing CCDs.
    • arfgen:
      • Added description of the applyabsfluxcorr parameter in the documentation.

    For each operating system supported, individual tarball files can be downloaded from here.

    The patches can be installed on top of any existing SAS 20.0.0 installation. Quick installation instructions available here.

    New downloads of SAS 20.0.0 include the two patches.