XMM-Newton SAS V5.1 Scientific Validation and Data


SAS V5.1 Scientific Validation


This page contains the Scientific Validation Report for SAS V5.1 (.ps.gz) as well as the data use for this validation.

The SAS Science Validation (SV) is an intrinsically open process, mainly driven by the need of the SAS user community. If you have any questions on the results reported in the science validation report, or if you would like to suggest possible additional tests (or the results of tests you have performed), do not hesitate to contact the XMM-Newton helpdesk.


Previous Scientific Validation (SAS V5.0)

The SAS V5.0 Scientific Validation Page can be found here.


Updated Documentation

Two documents have been updated w.r.t. the documents available in the SV V5.0 page. These updated documents are:

Available Data

The following datasets have been used for the Scientific Validation of SAS V5.1. The number of datasets available has significantly improved (8) with respect to the previous SV set (V5.0) showing an improved performance of the SAS release.

The data information is provided in line with the Public PV data using a condensed table with the most relevant information on the datasets and links to the specific files (ODFs) or directories (PIPEs).

Data Download

Data can be downloaded from the provided links in each Observation's section or directly accessing the anonymous XMM-Newton ftp site.

The data are wrapped as:

  • ODFs: tar.gz of all the ODF constituents. After decompresion and untar all ODF constituent files are already available as individual files. Data in this final form is suited for SAS processing.
    Note: The average size of an ODF (tar.gz) is ~150 Mbytes and usually range between 100 and 250 Mbytes.
  • Pipeline Products: Each Product Group is available separately as a .TAR file. Each one of these .TAR files contains a full Product Group with the constituent data mostly as compressed (.FTZ) files. In addition, each Pipeline Product contains an .ASC file providing a top level description of the Observation.

A complete list of all SV2 data files along with their sizes can be retreived in this README file.

Please consider the possibility of using a recovery/recursive download utility (e.g.: wget, available and described at the gnu web site) if your link has problems with the big files.




Target Name RA
Start Time
End Time
Obs Id Prime Download Download
0054 Capella 05:16:41.00 +46:00:14.0 2000-03-25T11:35:46 2000-03-26T02:54:10 55104 0121920101 R1 ODF Products
0060 G21.5-09 18:33:33.00 -10:34:10.0 2000-04-07T12:35:28 2000-04-07T22:57:20 37312 0122700101 PN ODF Products
0067 EXO0748-676 07:48:24.50 -67:45:00.0 2000-04-21T03:09:00 2000-04-21T20:55:45 64005 0123500101 PN ODF Products
0070 Lockman Hole 10:52:43.00 +57:28:48.0 2000-04-27T02:45:02 2000-04-27T22:07:43 69761 0123700101 PN ODF Products
0072 AB Dor 05:28:44.00 -65:27:02.0 2000-05-01T02:29:10 2000-05-01T20:18:01 64131 0123720201 R1 ODF Products
0081 BPM 16274 00:50:03.18 -52:08:17.4 2000-05-18T06:48:32 2000-05-18T23:17:53 59361 0123920101 OM ODF Products
0084 Mkn 421 11:04:27.00 +38:12:32.0 2000-05-25T03:15:58 2000-05-25T21:45:33 66575 0099280101 R1 ODF Products
0153 PKS0558-504 05:59:47.00 -50:26:51.0 2000-10-10T01:21:17 2000-10-10T08:47:24 26767 0129360201 OM ODF Products





XMM Revolution XMM-Newton Revolution in which the observation took place (with a hyperlink to a detailed view of the planned full revolution).
Target Name Target Name (as input by the proposer).
RA Target's Right Ascension (as input by the proposer).
DEC Target's Declination (as input by the proposer).
Start Time Scheduled UT for the Start of the Observation.
End Time Scheduled UT for the End of the Observation.
Duration Planned duration for the observation. This is the planned on target time and includes the time required for instrument setup; which means the actual 'science' time available will be lower.
Obs Id Observation identifier (left 6 chars are the Proposal id). This field contains a hyperlink to the most detailed observation information available.
Prime Primary Instrument.
Download Links to the data.