SAS watchout

The sourcing of the setsas.csh script to initialise SAS, produces the following error
SAS_PREV_LD_LIBRARY_PATH: Undefined variable. How to fix this problem?

This error message is due to a bug in the setsas.csh script that shows up only when it is executed on a terminal where SAS was already initialised (the $SAS_DIR variable is defined). Given that such situation occurs seldomly, we have not received reports on this problem until now. However, it should be usual when the SAS initialisation is done from shell scripts that are launched from terminals where the SAS was already initialised. The effect of such a scenario is that SAS commands are not found and these scripts fail to execute.

Until we distribute a fixed version of the setsas.csh script in a future patch, please edit it and insert the word $platform in line 35, as follows:

34  setenv PATH                            $SAS_PREV_PATH
35  if ( $platform  == "Darwin" ) then

Please note that the numbers shown above are used to identify line numbers but are not part of the script.