SAS watchout

Why do certain tasks end with a fatal error: Unsupported AlgoId?

If, when running processing tasks related to the astrometry, you get the next following "UnsupportedAlgoId" error (or similar):

** eregionanalyse: fatal error (UnsupportedAlgoId), The table/array `[...]/XMM_BORESIGHT_0026.CCF:BORESIGHT' specifies ALGOID=1 but this version of the CAL merely supports 0<=ALGOID<=0 - you may want to upgrade to a more recent version of the CAL that knows about the reported ALGOID

this is because you are still running SASv14.0 (or earlier), but using a CCF that is compatible only with SASv15.

SASv15 includes an improvements in the astrometry. This upgrade has required both a new CCF and new algorithms. For this reason the new CCF is not backward compatible.

We therefore advise to upgrade to SASv15.0 to benefit from the new improved calibration.