SAS watchout

dyld: Library not loaded... error with SAS installed on Mac OS X El Capitan

Mac OS X El Capitan includes a new security framework named System Integrity Protection (SIP) which seems to be the cause for such a behaviour: SAS is able to work normally if SIP is disabled.

To disable SIP, you must proceed as follows:

  • Shutdown your machine and then boot it in Recovery Mode by keeping pressed the R key on your keyboard while switching on the computer.
  • While in Recovery Mode, open a terminal window and execute in it the following command


    csrutil disable

  • Reboot your machine again.

As SIP being enabled is the option recommended by Apple for keeping El Capitan secure, we are currently searching for an alternative solution that will allow you to run SAS while SIP is kept enabled.

Note that the workaround described above is valid for the installation of any version of SAS suitable to be run on El Capitan, i.e for SAS 15.0.0 binaries built on Yosemite or Mountain Lion, but also for SAS 14.0.0 binaries.