SAS watchout

Why do certain tasks end with a fatal error including: UnknownAlgoId?

If, when running processing tasks related to the astrometry, you get the next following "UnknownAlgoId" error (or similar):

** rgsproc::rgssources: error (UnknownAlgoId), Old ALGOID 0 in Boresight construction please update your CCF

this is because you are running SASv15.0, but haven't updated your CCFs, or are using an old calibration index file (CIF). You are missing XMM_BORESIGHT_0026.CCF

SASv15 includes an improvement in the astrometry which has required both a new CCF and new algorithms. For this reason the new CCFs are not backward compatible.

We therefore advise to update your CCFs, or in case you have done it already, to run again cifbuild.