SAS Watchout

After having patched the original SAS 16.0 version, trying to run the Perl task epchain, produces the error message

epchain: Command not found

while any other SAS task is found.
How can I fix the problem?

Installing the SAS in the first place requires to run the command file, which checks the PERL version you are using, and changes the "shebang" (line at the beginning of a script, starting with the exclamation mark [#!]) of every PERL file in the SAS software distribution accordingly.

This action is not foreseen so far when patching SAS. One of the tasks included in this patch is epchain, which in this case keeps the original "shebang", and this might be wrong.

This is easily solved, by locating epchain in the $SAS_DIR/bin directory, and replacing its "shebang" (#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w) by the "shebang" from any other PERL task in the directory, eg. emchain.