SAS Watchout

After installing SAS 16.0.0 on macOS Sierra (Mac OS X 10.12*), running any SAS task, e.g. epproc, produces the error message

dyld: Library not loaded...

How can I fix the problem?

As it occurred on Mac OS X "El Capitan", the System Integrity Protection (SIP) must be disabled to be able to run any SAS 16.0.0 binary on macOS Sierra.

To disable SIP, you must proceed as follows:

Re-boot your Mac in Recovery Mode by keeping pressed the cmd + R keys on your keyboard while switching on the computer.

Once in Recovery Mode, open a terminal window and execute there the following command

csrutil disable

Then, re-boot you computer.

For the time being this is the only way we know of to run SAS 16.0.0 on macOS Sierra and Mac OS X "El Capitan".