SAS watchout

Is the RGS-pn rectification correction valid for data processed with SAS 14?

A new set of Calibration files


have been issued, containing updated RGS-to-pn "rectification factors".

These factors are intended to bring into agreement models fitted simultaneously to RGS and EPIC-pn spectra by modifying the RGS effective area. The correction is applied through the switch 'withrectification=yes' in rgsproc or in rgsrmfgen (default is 'withrectification=no').

The 'RECTIFICATION' values in the CCFs listed above are applicable ONLY to data processed with SAS14 and the calibration files available in November 2014.
This can be ensured by setting the parameter analysisdate in cifbuild:

     cifbuild analysisdate="2014-12-01T00:00:00"

The use of this correction in combination with other set of calibrations would lead to incorrect results.